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Colorado mastodon bones show ancient warmer Earth

Fat people stigmatised on a daily basis

Space station rarity: 2 women on long-term crew

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Shark attack reporting inaccurate: study

Voyager 1 becomes 1st craft to leave solar system

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Lead checks made on playground equipment at Port Pirie

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The pros and cons of swaddling your child

Researchers edge closer to a pill cure for hepatitis C

Early gene therapy trial for blindness promising

Loss of large carnivores hurts ecosystems: study

Fossils of Neanderthal DNA clump in human genome

Baby is born in Japan after ovary experiment

Chinese journalist tries to crowdfund his career

Stone age hunters and farmers co-existed in Europe

Experts warn Victorian logging laws may drive Leadbeater's possum to...

Experts urge US to measure, pursue our happiness

Antarctic ice lab sees sub-atomic particles in space

Scientists decode DNA of 'living fossil' fish

Rising seas clearly evident along SC coast

Aussie doctor makes brain breakthrough

Art found in NY garage appraised at $30M

Correction: Climate-Temperature Spike story

New, temporary radiation belt spotted around Earth

Plight of the American bumblebee: Disappearing?

Drug trafficking ravages Central American forests

Methane leaks far higher than US estimates

US fault zone alive and active

Kids with freer schedules are better able to meet goals: study

Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar inventor, dies at 90

Severe hunger can have lasting effects

GM mosquitoes open up new front in war on malaria

World Cup: Three cities at higher dengue fever risk

Experimental brain cell trial halted after initial studies could not be...

US officials purge biosafety board in midst of anthrax crisis

Wastewater injection wells linked to Oklahoma quakes

Scientists withdraw report on simpler stem cells

Study suggests more left-handed men born in winter months

Plastic debris widespread on ocean surface, study finds

Marijuana may cause heart problems in young adults

AP WAS THERE: Probable cause of AIDS found

Details on the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winners

Vast ocean found beneath ice of Saturn moon

Hidden ocean on Saturn's moon bolsters life theory

Earth has a secret reservoir of water, say scientists

Medical community ridicules Egypt army 'AIDS cure'

Science publisher fooled by gibberish papers

Media baron joins Quebec's separatist cause

4 Kochs took genes, money in different directions

Drug blocks Ebola-like virus in monkey tests

NatGeo Unveils Life-size 'Spinosaurus'

Specks returned from space may be alien visitors

Stardust grains may reveal first look at interstellar space

Curtin University research conducts first human study on A2 milk with...

Synthetic protein offers new hope for male infertility

Study drops hints that dogs could get jealous

Japan scientist in discredited stem-cell research dead in suicide

Violent videogames linked to risk of crime, alcohol abuse - study

Study links polar vortex chills to melting sea ice