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Rosetta reveals new details about comet

Three-million-yr-old ancestor had human-like hands

Tweets show heart disease risk: study

Millions of GMO insects could be set loose in Florida Keys

Stark figures but no surprises in updated climate change predictions

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Newseum in DC makes changes as funding falls short

Red earth key to forming opals: study

Digital 3-D atlas of brain reveals tiny details

Cockroaches quickly lose sweet tooth to survive

Stem cells recovered from cloned human embryos

'Scissor-handed' creepy-crawly named after Johnny Depp

Mapping genes of a horse from 700,000 years ago

Ozone hole linked to ocean circulation

T. rex not a stand-up guy? Test your dino skills

Domenici acknowledges having son outside marriage

Report: Big Okla. quake in 2011 likely man-made

Radar reveals apparent buried channels on Mars

Red wine molecule could be healthy

Wheat disease threatens global food supplies

Robot hot among surgeons but FDA taking fresh look

Haitian schools expand use of Creole language

Obama image machine whirs as press access narrows

Report: Asian carp may have reached Great Lakes

NSW researchers make quantum breakthrough

NASA sees distant planets that seem ideal for life

Wash. bills would ban chemicals in baby products

In lab dish, scientists make tear and saliva glands

Coral more resilient than first thought, Australian scientists find

Lab mice breakthrough offers Alzheimer's hope

Shutdown makes US 'less desirable' for science

Linda Ronstadt confronts Parkinson's disease

Study finds weather changes fuel violent behaviour

Big-nosed, horned-faced dinosaur unearthed in Utah

Astronauts face radiation threat on long Mars trip

Al-Jazeera America prepares for Tuesday launch

Tenacious Aussie outsmarts cancer cells

New surgical knife can instantly detect cancer

Taking pictures to remember may help you forget

Mars lake may have been friendly to microbes: NASA

Online Film Critics Society honors '12 Years a Slave'

Drug companies forge partnerships with top schools

Retooling Pap test to spot more kinds of cancer

Kan. case highlights legal issues for sperm donors

Kan. case highlights legal issues for sperm donors

Brain image study: Fructose may spur overeating

Doctors take aim at 'vaccine objectors'

Russian fireball shows meteor risk may be bigger

Modern dogs descended from European wolves: study

Meet the dino which terrorised tyrannosaurs

Extinct 'Godzilla' platypus found in Australia

Study: 8.8 billion Earth-sized just-right planets

Opportunity still roving on Mars after a decade

Dolphins in 'bad shape' after BP oil spill

Giant Antarctic glacier beyond point of no return

Dingoes in urgent need of protection

Moroccan royal dominance: Is it out of step?

Israeli clowns pioneer new medical treatments