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Lebanon gets first shipment of $3B worth of French arms

In recaptured city in Mali, Islamists hunted down

Witness describes killings by Malian army

No easy exit for French fighting terror in Mali

Mali rebels make gains, vow to avenge French bombs

French, Brazilian defense ministers discuss planes

French defence minister in strife-torn C. Africa

France sending 1K troops to Central African Rep.

France finds itself alone again in Central Africa

French defence minister sees no need for more troops in C. Africa

France's Hollande in Niger to oversee troop deployment

French army kills 11 militants in Mali anti-terror operation

Russia slams Germany for halting arms deal over Crimea

Deadly clashes erupt in C.Africa as French minister visits

'Make example' of C.Africa lynching culprits: UN and France

France likely to prolong C. African mission

Amnesty, UN: CAR Muslim exodus 'ethnic cleansing'

Hagel Reaffirms French Partnership Against ISIL

Hagel, French minister talk about Syria strikes

Mali bomb blast kills five Chadian UN peacekeepers

Jihadist group in Mali announces death of French hostage

France criticizes slow deployment of U.N. peacekeepers in Mali

Kurds battle for key Syria town, woman suicide bomber hits IS

WWII veteran Doug Groome overlooked for France's highest bravery award

France mobilises 10,000 troops at home after Paris shootings

Charlie Hebdo to publish Mohammad cartoon on front page

India and France to push ahead with Rafale jet deal

France: possible Russia may never get warships

Paris says 'major' anti-IS raid taking place in Iraq

Paris to order more Reaper drones to monitor jihadists

French defence minister confirms Rafale talks with Egypt - TV

10 dead, 21 hurt in crash of Greek F-16 jet at Spanish base

Japan, France sign defense pact to spur cooperation, joint development

French help Niger to kill last jihadist bombers

US to support French in Mali with aerial refueling

3rd French soldier killed in Mali combat

Hundreds of French troops drive back Mali rebels

Somali witnesses to failed rescue describe mayhem

French troops start to deploy in strife-torn CAR

EU powers to jointly produce new-generation drones

French military preparing for Syria operation

Malian troops open France's Bastille Day parade

French defence minister in Africa's Sahel for security talks

Gun battles in Central African capital create fresh panic

C. Africa president offers talks as sectarian violence mounts

Chadian civilians flee attacks, threats in C.Africa capital

French troops set to begin rebel disarmament in C.Africa

France tells Africa to take charge of security

France changes envoy to C. Africa ahead of military action

Somali militants post photo of dead French soldier

US 'indispensable' ally in Africa: French defense minister

Mali celebrates its army alongside France, UN

AP Exclusive: France to send drones to Mali region

French hostage fate unknown as Paris refuses to bow to blackmail