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First Bangladesh MP sentenced to death for genocide

Bangladesh Islamist's war crimes life sentence revised to death

Five dead as 100,000 opposition supporters rally in Bangladesh

Bangladesh sentences 2 men to death for war crimes

2 dead in violence sparked by Bangladesh strike

More unrest feared as Bangladesh holds 'farce' vote

Six killed in clashes after Bangladesh Islamist hanging

Fresh political violence grips Bangladesh 1 dead

Bangladesh deploys army to help handle Jan. 5 vote

Pakistan parliament backs embattled prime minister as crisis deepens

Bangladesh Islamist party chief war crimes verdict postponed

14 sentenced to death in Bangladesh arms smuggling

Bangladesh Islamist leader sentenced to hang for war crimes

Bangladesh sentences another top Islamist to death

Bangladesh ex-minister sentenced to hang for genocide

Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

US slams 'unconscionable' Bangladesh unrest as toll rises

Strikes, attacks bring turbulent politics back to Bangladesh

Bangladesh court issues arrest warrant for former leader Zia

Army sent to north Bangladesh as clashes continue

Bangladesh sentences Islamic party leader to death

3 die in Bangladesh opposition clashes with police

Thousands rally against US drone strikes in Pakistan

Islamists protest against US drone strikes in Pakistan

Pakistan army condemns naming Taliban chief martyr

Pakistan army demands apology from Islamist leader

Police: Suspect pins Indian blasts on terror group

Protest against US drone strikes in Pakistan postponed

Everyday life disrupted during Bangladesh strike

Islamic militants leave Pakistan to fight in Syria

Fear stalks Bangladesh as vote 'farce' begins

Islamists boosted by Bangladesh mayhem: analysts

Bangladesh opposition calls mass march to derail polls

Bangladesh deploys military in election countdown

US drone strike in Pakistan kills 3 militants

Despite election concerns, US moves ahead with Bangladesh

Pakistan opposition groups agree to resume talks

Pakistan's Khan left isolated in civil disobedience call

Bangladesh court upholds death sentence for convicted war criminal

Top Bangladesh Islamist 'may hang next week'

Ghulam Azam: Bangladeshi war criminal likened to Hitler

Pakistan university suspends staff over Israel stall at mock UN debate

Thousands attend funeral for former Bangladesh Islamist leader

Bangladesh moves to ban largest Islamic party

Pakistan legislators approve military courts for terrorism

AFP photographer recovering after Pakistan protest shooting

Police clash with anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters in Pakistan

Clashes erupt in Indian Kashmir over Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Bangladesh arrests TV boss as unrest toll nears 50

Bombing connected to election kill 18 in Pakistan

3 dead, scores hurt in Bangladesh violence

Five killed as political strike grips Bangladesh

Bangladesh sentences British Muslim leader, US citizen to hang

Bangladesh court sentences Islamic leader to death for war crimes

Bangladesh opposition protests war crimes verdict

Deadly clashes in Bangladesh after top Islamist hanged

Bangladesh approves execution of opposition leader

Government, opposition groups clash in Bangladesh

Bangladesh opposition leader under 'virtual house arrest'

Bangladesh polls could be delayed amid new violence

Bangladesh PM issues warning as 13 more dead in ongoing protests