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Bangladesh deploys army to help handle Jan. 5 vote

Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

Strikes, attacks bring turbulent politics back to Bangladesh

Police: Suspect pins Indian blasts on terror group

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Bombing connected to election kill 18 in Pakistan

Five killed as political strike grips Bangladesh

Bangladesh sentences British Muslim leader, US citizen to hang

Pakistan minister condemns protests, as lawmakers back PM

Strike hits Bangladesh over Islamist leader's jailing

Kashmir leaders hail British lead, seek own referendum

Bangladesh war crimes tribunal sentences Islamist leader to death

Bangladesh sentences Islamic party leader to life

Fight for future of Bangladesh plays out in street

Bangladesh strikes make working a dangerous move

Bangladesh opposition leader says 242 supporters killed in month

Bangladesh war crimes panel sentences Islamist leader to death, prompts...

Bangladesh secular writers fearful after 2nd blogger slain

Hard-line Islamists to make gains in Pakistan vote

7 die in political violence as Bangladesh vote set

Ex-party chief jailed for 90 years in Bangladesh

Taliban set tough conditions for peace talks progress

Peace talks start between Pakistan, Taliban team

Pakistan votes to stay out of Yemen conflict