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Getaway car driver sentenced for role in botched contract killing

South Korea court sentences ferry operator chief to 10 years in jail

Spanish singer to go to jail for money laundering

Spanish singer goes to jail for money laundering

Thai editor sentenced to jail for defaming king

South Korea court jails ferry operator CEO for 10 years

Potts avoids jail after driving through red light, killing pedestrian

Feds: Don't free Arab activist who hid bomb role

Tory first to be jailed in Canada for election fraud

Nine sentenced in Philippines over deadly 1996 disco fire

Germans charged with vandalism in Singapore face flogging

Northern Ireland anti-abortion activist convicted

After guilty plea, BGF leader looms over trial

Putin's high approval ratings not real - protest group

Husband of Pakistani Christian on death row for blasphemy begs for pardon

Pakistan sentences four to death for honour killing of Farzana Parveen

Putin's high approval ratings not real: protest group

China opens separatism trial for students of jailed Uighur scholar

Italy court annuls conviction for Swiss billionaire in asbestos scandal

Prominent Egyptian human rights activist arrested

British-Iranian volleyball woman released on bail: brother

Tathra man granted bail after pleading guilty to assaulting children

Egypt's Sisi says pardon for Al Jazeera journalists 'being discussed'

Tas Parliament passes amended anti-workplace protest bill

Ex-Marine pleads not guilty in slayings of two girls

China courts put reporter on trial, reject Uighur scholar's appeal

Iran's Supreme Leader frees pioneering Iranian 'Blogfather' - media

Woman arrested in Japan's latest 'black widow' case

Not guilty plea for man in Indiana teen's death

Ugandan lawmakers draw up new anti-gay bill

Australia in breach of human rights over teens' imprisonment: UN

Spain urges Cuba to grant free travel to dissidents

Singapore football fixing suspect fails in detention plea

Doubt grips Portugal after ex-premier is jailed

Man remanded in custody after attack on pensioner

Brett Cowan appeal a waste of taxpayers' money: Morcombes