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Michael Jackson's family denied new trial in negligence case

Michael Jackson's mother loses appeal against US promoter

Jackson's life recounted in opening of civil trial

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Jackson family loses wrongful death lawsuit

Jackson v AEG jury mulls verdict for second day

US state suspends lethal injections amid drug debate

Jury rejects case linking company to Jackson death

Testimony ends in civil trial over Jackson's death

U.S. agency says Michael Jackson estate owes $702 million in taxes

Jackson's security chief details drug concerns

ND surgeon acquitted of drugging, raping his wife

Dr. Conrad Murray released from jail

The Jacksons' losing battle

Judge rejects bid for new Michael Jackson trial

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States' use of execution drugs varies widely

California court won't review Jackson doctor case

Michael Jackson 'back' at Billboard Awards

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CEO describes Jackson as forceful businessman

AEG CEO cites conflicting info on Jackson health

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Week 8 of Jackson trial features experts, emotion

Jackson's private life on display in civil trial

Jackson's teenage son describes upbringing, death

Jackson's son says father feared concert promoter

Connections hamper jury selection in Jackson case

Execution drugs spark controversy as supplies dwindle

Missouri halts 1st US execution by propofol

Jury gets negligence case over death of Jackson

McCartney announces new album, Spader to star in "Avengers"

U.S. agency says Michael Jackson estate owes $702 million in taxes

Jury hears of Jackson's requests for anesthetic

Lawyer details interactions with Jackson's doctor

AEG attacks projection of $1B earnings for Jackson

Appeals court sets argument on Jackson doctor case

Katherine Jackson seeks retrial over pop icon's death

French court awards Jackson fans for 'emotional damage'

Dancer says she gave warnings about Jackson health

Expert: Jackson doctor unqualified in many areas

Michael Jackson civil case jury selection begins

S. Korean actresses convicted of propofol abuse

Jury finds Michael Jackson promoter not liable for icon's death

Doctor says he thought Jackson had drug problem

Mo. AG says state may have to use gas chamber

Jackson's son, relatives to testify at trial

Trial provides portrait of Jackson as a father

Dispatch call describes Paris Jackson's injuries

Defense rests case in trial over Jackson's death

Lawyer: Jackson died from own bad choices

US states consider old-fashioned executions

Michael Jackson doctor's conviction upheld

New Michael Jackson song to debut at iHeartRadio awards

Michael Jackson's mom to pay promoter $800,000

Album of unheard Michael Jackson songs to be released in May

Fixes planned for clinic that treated Joan Rivers

Voicemail from Jackson's manager played in court

Choreographer: No signs Jackson was ill in 2009

CEO testifies about emails on Jackson condition

Suit over hiring of Jackson doctor to go to trial

Prospective jurors voice anti-Jackson opinions

Arkansas turns to different lethal injection drug

Jackson's doctor evades fans, as freed early from jail

Swift sweeps AMAs, Conrad Murray gives first interview

The Jackson's continue to go after AEG