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ShowBiz Minute: Jolie, Jackson, 24

Jackson described as 'loopy' after doctor visits

Aussie's claim against Jackson 'pathetic'

Jackson's life recounted in opening of civil trial

Jackson treatments raised alarm for AEG Live exec

Witness: AEG spent $24 million on Jackson concerts

AEG exec denies he pushed Jackson to rehearse

Alternate jurors selected in Michael Jackson case

Michael Jackson civil case jury pool grows to 104

Expert: Michael Jackson was totally sleep-deprived

Judge leans toward letting Jackson suit continue

Jerry Buss, Los Angeles Lakers' owner, dies at 80

Jackson civil jury pool grows to 43 after 3rd day

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Jackson v AEG jury mulls verdict for second day

Jury rejects case linking company to Jackson death

Testimony ends in civil trial over Jackson's death

Jackson's security chief details drug concerns

Lawsuit settled over Michael Jackson insurance

Bieber's home raided by police, West files lawsuit

Judge rejects bid for new Michael Jackson trial

Court denies bid for new trial in Michael Jackson case

First week of Jackson trial previews massive case

Attorney: Paris Jackson hospitalized but OK

Paris Jackson now in all-too-familiar spotlight

AEG CEO cites conflicting info on Jackson health

Jury pool for Jackson death civil case grows to 81

Jackson's son says father feared concert promoter

Connections hamper jury selection in Jackson case

Jury gets negligence case over death of Jackson

Jury hears of Jackson's requests for anesthetic

Jackson's mother says son didn't cause own death

Jackson's brother testifies about drug concerns

Expert: Jackson would have earned $1B on comeback

Lawyer details interactions with Jackson's doctor

AEG attacks projection of $1B earnings for Jackson

Spectator banned from Jackson trial over photo

Judge tentatively rules against new Jackson trial

Katherine Jackson seeks retrial over pop icon's death

Doctor says he thought Jackson had drug problem

Emails show AEG lawyer called Jackson a 'freak'

Expert: Jackson doctor unqualified in many areas

Jackson's son, relatives to testify at trial

Dancer says she gave warnings about Jackson health

Judge dismisses AEG execs from Jackson lawsuit

Jackson's mother says concert schedule worried her

Michael Jackson's mom to pay promoter $800,000

Trial May Include Jackson's Molestation Charges

AEG Live CEO: Jackson lawsuit is extortion attempt

Choreographer: No signs Jackson was ill in 2009

AEG exec, lawyer spar in Jackson trial's 6th week

CEO testifies about emails on Jackson condition

Paris Jackson 'better' but misses tribute to dad

Judge: No more excuses for would-be Jackson jurors

Suit over hiring of Jackson doctor to go to trial

Prospective jurors voice anti-Jackson opinions

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Jackson's doctor evades fans, as freed early from jail

The Jackson's continue to go after AEG

Michael Jackson's mom describes his rise to fame

Jackson's ex-wife says med visits concerned her

Jury deliberates suit against Jackson promoter

Jurors hear legal instructions in Jackson lawsuit

Jackson's fortunes blooming five years after death

Judge: Michael Jackson's mom should pay costs

Judge sets rules for suit over Jackson doctor

Emails reflect AEG's fears about Jackson's health

Former Jackson defender now says singer abused him

ShowBiz Minute: Jackson, Jackson, PSY

Michael Jackson civil jury pool grows to 60 people

Director says Jackson's condition frightened him

Director says Jackson's behavior frightened him

Jury to hear from Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe

Jackson's mother resumes testimony in LA courtroom

Chef describes Jackson children's lives to jury

Stylist warned Jackson manager singer might die

Jackson promoter, doctor accused of seeking payday

Spears pressured to be sexy, Moore gets Walk of Fame star

Promoters' email: concern over Jackson's stability

Court hears arguments on Jackson concert promoter lawsuit