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Libya Islamists press advance on key oil region

Netanyahu demands EU immediately restore Hamas to terror list

Nigerians flee to Niger to escape Boko Haram attacks

Hamas march

No rescue in sight for Nigeria's kidnapped schoolgirls

438 Egypt Islamists face military trial over violence

Libyan forces repel Islamist attack on oil region

Islamist call for Algerian author's death stirs outrage

Islamist group criticizes Egypt over arrest warrant for cleric

Islamist group criticises Egypt over arrest warrant for cleric

U.N. Sahel envoy says Libya turmoil could destabilize neighbors

France says it has 'neutralised' 200 jihadists in Sahel

Nigeria's opposition leader slams Boko Haram 'reign of terror'

Abbott convenes security meeting on seige

Syria's streets of despair

Jihadists claim murders in 2013 of Tunisia secularists

Tunisia presidential vote nears climax

Around 180 Syrian soldiers, jihadists reported killed in battle for base

Police arrest one on terrorism financing charges

Somalia's former prime minister nominated to post again

British embassy in Cairo reopens to the public

African leaders call on UN for intervention in Libya

Vigilantes patrol Nigerian city after Boko Haram advance

Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death for mutiny

Egypt's gays go deeper underground, fearing crackdown

Essebsi narrow favorite to win Tunisian presidency

African leaders consider joint steps against Islamist threat

Pakistan to end death penalty moratorium in terror cases: PM's office

Pakistan forces kill 27 militants in northwest: military

China's top judge urges swift, severe sentences in Xinjiang

Nigeria says reports of latest Islamist kidnap 'unverified'

Amvid shows intense fighting in Aleppo

Hamas' deputy chief says it has patched up ties with Iran

Forty-eight hour battle for two Syrian bases leaves 180 dead

Kuwait says accepts Iraq request on Gulf war reparations

Sisters in the vanguard as Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood battles to survive

Sydney siege spurs Asian Cup security concern

'Boko Haram' kidnaps 185 people in Nigeria

Hostages seen running from cafe under seige

US wants probe into Chechnya rights group attack

Anger against Taliban mounts after Pakistan school attack

Jordan, Saudi kings in talks as they battle IS

Anti-Islamic group moved from memorial

Israeli air planes strike Gaza Strip