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Tunisia premier in talks after parties reject cabinet

Tunisia announces new minority government without Islamists

Palestinians march against Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Tunisia new government faces resistance before ratification vote

Talks in Yemen between political parties, rebels break down

Arab lawmakers shake up Israeli politics with historic union

Egypt court upholds verdict against 3 prominent activists

'Constructive spirit' at Libya peace talks

At least 17 killed in protests on anniversary of Egypt uprising

15 killed in clashes between Islamists, police in Egypt

For Nigerian opposition supporters, no wait is too long

Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to 'paralyze' Dutch government

Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to 'paralyse' Dutch government

Kerry heads to Nigeria amid tensions over polls, Boko Haram

Tripoli rivals to join peace talks 'if held in Libya'

African leaders gather for conflict, Ebola talks

Nigeria's Jonathan takes election campaign to key oil region

German anti-Islam group PEGIDA loses second leader in a week

Thousands protest against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

African Union calls for 7,500-strong force to fight Boko Haram

Yemen crisis is first big test for Saudi Arabia's King Salman

Egypt justice minister submits resignation

Egypt's Morsi to reshuffle Cabinet amid turmoil

Prominent youth activist detained in Egypt

Egypt's Christians celebrate Coptic Easter

Clashes erupt as Islamists push back in Egypt

Concern rises over Pakistan plan to halt extremism

Top Brotherhood figures seized in Egypt sweep

Egyptians struggle to define 'new revolution'

New Egypt tax law: cuts for poor, business hikes

AP PHOTOS: Egypt's Sufis thrive despite attacks

Gadhafi's son appears in Libya court case delayed

Bomb at Pakistan Islamist party rally kills 16

AP EXCLUSIVE: Karzai opponents talk to Taliban

Pakistan to hold nationwide elections May 11

Islamist adviser to Egypt's president quits

Tunisia Islamist party chooses new prime minister

Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott

Tunisia PM resigns after cabinet initiative fails

Tunisia Islamist leader says new govt coming

Officials: Arms shipments rise to Syrian rebels

Shiite leader: Sectarian attacks are 'genocide'

After violence, Egypt opposition presses Morsi

Tunisia Islamists say no new gov't as crisis grows

Iran's Ahmadenijad entices Egypt into alliance

Tunisian PM says new Cabinet needed during crisis

Egyptian TV satirist released after questioning

New leader to head Egypt's Jewish community

Brotherhood members face torture charge in Egypt

Egypt hard-liners criticize lashing for drunk man

Jordanians vote for newly empowered parliament

First Bangladesh MP sentenced to death for genocide

Stabbed Egyptian politician decries violence

Arab world searches for democratic future

AP Interview: Islamist leader says Libya PM failed

Bangladesh Islamist's war crimes life sentence revised to death

Pakistan Taliban say US drones must stop before peace talks

Opposition suspends role in Bahrain talks after leader held

Analysis - Turkey's 'worthy solitude' sidelines Erdogan in Middle East

Sudan's Bashir talks 'reform' after party dissidents split

Tunisia party leaders launch talks on new premier

Tens of thousands call for Tunisia govt ouster

Egypt says diplomacy has failed to resolve crisis

Egypt street battles leave at least 82 dead