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Egypt lists top Brotherhood leader, 17 others as terrorists: state media

Egypt lists top Brotherhood leader, 17 others as terrorists - state media

Islamist fighters kill seven in Somali hotel, troops regaining control

Syrian Islamist insurgents advance around Idlib city: monitor

Thousands of Tunisians, leaders march after Bardo attack

Moroccan opposition in rare standoff with police over burial

Nigeria election runs into second day after glitches, killings

Egypt prosecutor names Brotherhood leaders as terrorists

Thousands of Tunisians march after Bardo attack

Libya tells Arab summit arms embargo must be lifted to fight IS

Tanzania president warns of rising religious tensions before referendum

Nigeria's new leader praises rival

Celebration in Nigeria as opposition challenger Buhari beats Jonathan

Gunmen kill 15 in Nigeria during tense election

Arab nations create joint military force to combat crises

Presidential challenger Buhari votes in Nigerian elections

US military aid released to Egypt boosts leader's legitimacy

Insight - Iran seeks nuclear deal but not normal ties with 'Great Satan'

Iran seeks nuclear deal but not normal ties with 'Great Satan'

Opposition leader Buhari ahead in tight Nigerian election

Morocco confronts abortion taboo with proposed reform

Nigeria president warns against bloodshed ahead of Saturday poll

Nigeria's Buhari says to 'spare no effort' in squashing Boko Haram

Libya army chief vows end to militias this year

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Prominent youth activist detained in Egypt

Qatar faces backlash among rebel groups in Syria

Egypt's Christians celebrate Coptic Easter

Bomb at Pakistan Islamist party rally kills 16

Boston bombing suspect may never speak

New leader to head Egypt's Jewish community

Radical group's Anzac views dodgy: Abbott

Syria Muslim Brotherhood denies seeking power grab

Report blames Hamas for Egypt soldier killings

Libya's militarized youth feed into economic woes

Kerry: Egypt needs political, economic viability

US to bolster support for Syria rebels, Kerry says

Tunisia Islamist party chooses new prime minister

Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott

Al-Qaida tipsheet on avoiding drones found in Mali

Tunisia PM resigns after cabinet initiative fails

Islamic extremists attack Malian troops in Gao

Egypt protests on anniversary of Mubarak's fall

Tunisia Islamist leader says new govt coming

Tunisians head abroad to perform jihad

Fear of assassinations haunt Egypt opposition

Iraqi Catholics celebrate Easter

Christians in Holy Land, Mideast celebrate Easter

Egyptian TV satirist released after questioning

Pope refers to "Muslim brothers" on Good Friday

Egyptian blogger accused of violence released

Pakistan to hold nationwide elections May 11

AP EXCLUSIVE: Karzai opponents talk to Taliban

Obama warns of 'enclave for extremism' in Syria

Unrest in Egyptian city draws in military

Shiite leader: Sectarian attacks are 'genocide'

Syria, Sunni-Shiite split arise at Muslim summit

Iran's Ahmadenijad entices Egypt into alliance

Fragile economy, other global woes dominated Davos

Jordan election touted as start of democratization

In recaptured city in Mali, Islamists hunted down

US confirms Americans taken after Algeria attack

3 Americans die in Algeria attack, 7 survive

Jordanians vote for newly empowered parliament

Egyptians riot after soccer fans sentenced to die

Egypt's Mubarak to get new trial over killings

Algeria: Army rescues hostages, toll unclear

First Bangladesh MP sentenced to death for genocide

Sudan fuel price hikes to avert 'collapse': Bashir

Kenya's President: Facing mall attack, charges

Egypt's Sinai emerges as new theater for jihad