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Islamist group criticizes Egypt over arrest warrant for cleric

Islamist group criticises Egypt over arrest warrant for cleric

Nigeria's opposition leader slams Boko Haram 'reign of terror'

African leaders call on UN for intervention in Libya

France says it has 'neutralised' 200 jihadists in Sahel

African leaders consider joint steps against Islamist threat

US wants probe into Chechnya rights group attack

Pakistan to end death penalty moratorium in terror cases: PM's office

Sisters in the vanguard as Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood battles to survive

Hamas holds Gaza military parade, vows Israel's destruction

Hamas' deputy chief says it has patched up ties with Iran

Vigilantes patrol Nigerian city after Boko Haram advance

Egypt jails 40 Morsi backers for church fires

Trial opens of Muslim Brotherhood deputy in Jordan

Pakistan army chief signs death warrants for six militants

'Boko Haram' kidnaps 185 people in Nigeria

Afghan president urges clerics to help halt attacks

Buhari catches anti-graft mood but divides Nigerian voters

Pakistan warns prisons of 'massive' jailbreak

Gazans rally for ex-strongman as West Bank trial opens

Kenya security law approved despite disruptions in parliament

Iraq's new premier battles to unite a fractured nation

Sombre mood in Nigeria's Chibok for first Christmas since kidnap

Some Pakistan militants denounce school attack, amid national outrage

Three dead as police storm Sydney cafe to end hostage siege

Turkish police raid media close to cleric rival Gulen, detain 24

Kenyan MPs in heated debate on terror law 'that trims freedoms'

Bouteflika's mental ability intact, will continue in power: party chief

Angry Afghan president vows security shake-up after Taliban attacks surge

Iraqi Kurds claim more territory after breaking siege of Sinjar

Analysis - After Pakistan school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off

After Pakistan school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off

Turkey's Erdogan says media raids a response to 'dirty' plot

In dealings with the West, Erdogan holds all the cards

Australia vows to unearth why 'sick' extremist was at large

Pakistan massacre survivors vow to defy Taliban

Police storm Sydney cafe to end hostage siege, three dead

MPs brawl as Kenya passes controversial terror law

A lonely fight defending Egypt's jailed dissidents