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Yazidis cheer Kurds on Iraqi mountain for breaking Islamic State siege

Anti-Islamic group moved from memorial

Mauritania issues first apostasy death sentence

Iraq clashes with IS delay evacuation of Yazidis

Uzbeks vote in elections expected to reinforce Karimov's grip on power

Iraqi Kurds, Yazidis fight Islamic State for strategic town of Sinjar

Protests in India over conversions set back reform agenda

German business slams growing anti-Islam rallies

Syria's war enters new year more fragmented than ever

In dealings with the West, Erdogan holds all the cards

Tunisia presidential vote nears climax

Kurds advance against IS group in Syria, Iraq

Israel official: Settlement funding up before vote

Pakistan to appeal bail for Mumbai plotter

Republicans in charge of Senate _ but 2016 awaits

Republicans fighting to hang onto Senate _ in 2016

Iraq, Turkey pledge to join hands to fight IS jihadists

India lawmakers demand Modi speak on Hindu conversions

After the war, a bittersweet Christmas in Gaza

Politics, shotgun marriage in government, war loom in 2015

Sombre mood in Nigeria's Chibok for first Christmas since kidnap

Obama's year-end message to Americans: I'm not a lame duck

Top news of 2014 left public grasping for answers

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Pakistanis pray, resolve to fight terror at stricken school

Late at night, Christie doing 2016 foreign policy homework

Yes-We-Can president faces twilight of maybes

Dutch PM agrees to change health bill to avoid government collapse

Egypt opposition urges more protests

Egypt mass protests challenge Islamist president

New turmoil hits Egypt's tourism

Egypt's opposition leaders under investigation

Taliban suicide bomber kills 23 in Pakistan

Egypt PM says new constitution by late September

Central Asian migrants change the face of Moscow

Israel vote presents diplomatic, domestic choices

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

Syrian troops storm central village, killing 15

Anti-superstition activist gunned down in India

Pakistan militants prepare for war in Afghanistan

Tunisian Islamist radicals planned other murders, Islamic state: ministry

Former military chief gets life sentence in Turkey