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Iran, Saudi Arabia fighting bloody proxy wars across region

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Syrians flee Idlib, fearing government reprisals

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Al-Shabab siege at Somali hotel ends, 17 dead

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WHY IT MATTERS: The Saudi-led intervention in Yemen

Iran says US drone kills 2 advisers in Iraq US denies claim

Buhari wins in Nigeria, defeating Goodluck Jonathan

IS enters Palestinian camp in Damascus Jordan closes border

At least nine dead as militants attack hotel in Somali capital

Cliffhanger in Nigeria presidential vote

Complex US-Iran ties at heart of complicated Mideast policy

Egypt, Nigeria led world in death sentences in 2014

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Turmoil in Yemen escalates as Saudi Arabia bombs rebels

Pope meets relatives of Britons slain by Islamic State group

NATO military chief: Alliance needs to better share intel

Hezbollah hints at possible Syria intervention

A terrorist sleeper cell dismantled in Mali

Johnson: Don't Blame Islam or UK Policy

Bombs at mosques in northwest Pakistan kill 15

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Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

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Death toll in Nigeria police attack rises to 30

16 killed in attack on Somali Supreme Court

From outsiders to bombing suspects in Boston

Israeli official: Syria's Assad used chemical arms

Chicago-area teen latest snared in website traps

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

Clashes in Syria rebels seek foreign intervention

Obama's speech welcomed in Pakistan, Yemen

1 victim of Russian suicide bombing dies of wounds

Burkina Faso soldiers in Mali worry about defense

Queen Elizabeth visits barracks of dead UK soldier

US Senators McCain, Whitehouse visit Mali

Bomb Suspect Influenced by Mysterious Radical

Rockets fired at Eilat in southern Israel

Assad accuses West of backing al-Qaida in Syria