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Thousands more join anti-Islam rally in Leipzig

Iran's Khamenei urges Western youth to examine Islam

U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State with 25 air strikes: task force

U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State with 25 air strikes - task force

Kerry to co-host talks on Islamic State in London

Peshmerga cuts IS Mosul supply line - ministry

Kerry: Violent extremism is not Islamic

Mother of hostage makes eleventh-hour plea

Coalition air strikes hit Islamic State near Kobani, Tal Afar - U.S....

Japan PM vows all-out effort to save hostages

Islamic State momentum halted or reversed in Iraq: Kerry

Islamists burn French flag in Gaza

Islamic militants celebrate Saudi king's death online

Gaza jihadist supporters rally against France, praise Islamic State

Japan confirms identities of hostages believed to be held by IS

ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Amvid of Japanese journalist held by Islamic State

ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Obama calls on Congress to authorize force against Islamic State

Anti-IS coalition officials hold first talks since Paris attacks

Hebdo in Hebron

French PM visits school after secularity measures introduced

Anti-Islam movement PEGIDA show defiance with rallies in Munich and Berlin

Danish wing of German anti-Islamist movement holds rally

"I want to join IS", missing Korean teen tweeted

In Iraq, IS kills with hidden bombs even after leaving

Saudi King Abdullah dies, Salman is new ruler

Kurdish forces fire into Islamic State-controlled Mosul

Darwin's Muslim leaders and NT police discuss hijab harassment and racism...

Mother makes appeal to save Japanese hostages

Japan captive's mother pleads to Islamic State

German police arrest two suspected members of Islamic State

In Mosul, Islamic State turns captured city into fortress

U.S., Iraq preparing for assault to recapture Mosul: WSJ

U.S., Iraq preparing for assault to recapture Mosul - WSJ

Abe vows to ‘use all means necessary’ to free Japanese hostages

West's defence of Charlie Hebdo worries moderate Asia Muslims

A look at the hostages believed held by Islamic State group

US, Iraq prepare Mosul offensive against IS

Austria's first trial of alleged Islamic State fighter starts

Special Report - For Islamic State, wheat season sows seeds of discontent

Japan PM says will do utmost to free captives

Japan foreign minister: making all efforts for swift release of captives

NT Labor president flies to Syria to fight Islamic State