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U.S., allies target Islamic State in Tikrit, other Iraqi cities

Iraq Forces Resume Fight for Tikrit

Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for unity after militia pullout

Lawsuit alleges Iran directed killing of US soldiers in Iraq

Iraq resumes offensive to recapture Tikrit

U.N. Secretary General troubled by Iraq abuse claims, refugees

Iraqi minister says Tikrit to be recaptured within 'hours'

US conducting airstrikes to help Iraq retake Tikrit

Iraq claims victory over Islamic State in Tikrit

U.S.-led coalition launches first airstrikes against Islamic State

U.S.-led coalition conducts air strikes against Islamic State targets near...

Iran-backed militias not involved in Tikrit clearing - U.S. general

A history of the Islamic State group as Iraq retakes Tikrit

US sees opportunity in Iran's pullback in Iraq

France calls for Islamic State to be referred to ICC

After US airstrikes, Iraq troops start final push for Tikrit

Iraq premier: Troops in center of Islamic State-held Tikrit

Iraq special forces advance in Tikrit, US coalition joins fight

Iran says US drone kills 2 advisers in Iraq US denies claim

Asylum seekers in the West highest since Bosnia war: UNHCR

Syrian president says Islamic State is expanding despite airstrikes

Asylum seekers in the West highest since Bosnia war: UNHCR

Iran, Saudi Arabia fighting bloody proxy wars across region

More Iran oil post-sanctions, aimed at Asia, may hurt Iraq

U.S.-led coalition, Iraqis pound Islamic State in Tikrit

Tikrit: Sunni bastion on road to Islamic State-held Mosul

Turkey says U.S.-led campaign to train Syria rebels delayed by Washington

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U.S.-led training for Syrian rebels to start in May: Turkish minister

AP PHOTOS: Iraqi forces struggle to take back Tikrit

U.S. special envoy says coalition "clearly degrading" Islamic State

AP Exclusive: Special ops troops using flawed intel software

Duckworth makes video announcement for 2016 Senate bid

AP names Adam Schreck as news director for the Gulf region

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State out of central Tikrit: PM