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Obama: U.S. expects Iran to have "important relationship" with Iraq

Iraq signals unease with Iran general's battlefield prominence

Iraq's prime minister says seeks U.S. arms, with payment deferred

Newly released video of coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria

Obama warns Iran its fighters in Iraq must answer to Baghdad

More than 90,000 people flee violence in Iraq's Anbar province - UN

UPDATE 1-More than 90,000 people flee violence in Iraq's Anbar province -...

Iraq says Islamic State still fierce eyes Baiji, Anbar fights

Boehner seeks more robust role for U.S. troops in Iraq

Iraqi footage shows strikes on IS

Iraqi prime minister says committed to reforms to attract business

Car bomb kills three outside US consulate in Iraq

More than 90,000 people flee violence in Iraq's Anbar province: UN

Islamic State breaches Iraq's largest refinery, then repelled

Former Saddam aide al-Douri reported killed

AP PHOTOS: Iraq's Yazidis, haunted by war, mark a New Year

Iraq PM says Yemen could stoke regional war, slams Saudi operations

Americans with illegal Iraq War souvenirs go unprosecuted

Islamic State gains ground near capital of Iraq's Anbar province

Islamic State, Iraqi forces in fierce battle near oil refinery - amvid

Islamic State militants seize villages near Ramadi in Iraq

US vets return to Mideast to battle past and present demons

Iraqi leader: Campaign focusing next on Anbar, Beiji

Vast Iraqi Shiite cemetery grows with Islamic State war dead

Saddam aide, Iraqi insurgent leader al-Douri reported killed

A history of the Islamic State group after Ethiopians killed

Blackwater guards sentenced for 2007 Baghdad killings

One dead, 5 wounded in Erbil car bombing: mayor

Australia sent on long road to start World Cup qualifying

US House leader: Obama force request stalled in Congress

Thousands flee as Islamic State advances on Iraq's Ramadi

Saudi-Iran rivalry over Yemen deepens Mideast sectarianism

Reckoning point: Ex-US guards face sentencing in Iraq case

Attacks kill 28 civilians in and around Baghdad

Iraqi soldiers enter refinery amid Islamic State attacks

UN: 21M children in Mideast risk missing out on education

Obama urges Gulf nations to help with chaos in Libya

Ex-Blackwater guards sentenced to prison in Baghdad killings

Australian police arrest teenagers over alleged terror plot

Former Czech PM Stanislav Gross dies at age 45