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Islamic State standoff involves prisoner, pilot, journalist

Colleague surprised at NT Labor president's decision to fight IS

NT Labor president flies to Syria to fight Islamic State

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

Two US citizens under fire in new anti-West attack in Saudi

Failed Iraqi bomber at center of international hostage drama

Matthew Gardiner: How Kurds recruit, why they want the Australian and what...

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Japan probes latest hostage message

ISIS hostages in limbo as deadline passes

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5 things to know about political crisis in Yemen

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US launches drone from aircraft carrier

Iraqi soldiers retake control of Sunni town

Today in History for May 4th

Gunmen in Iraq ambush, shoot dead 14 travelers

Soldier says she faced harassment over Muslim name

Iraq attacks kill 55 less than a week before vote

Syrian rebel group pledges allegiance to al-Qaida

US expected to increase aid to Syrian rebels

Al-Qaida says it killed 48 Syrian soldiers in Iraq

Al-Qaida tipsheet on avoiding drones found in Mali

Tunisians head abroad to perform jihad

Ind. Senate panel approves specialty plate limits

Terrorists with Western links a growing threat

Army general defers plea at hearing on sex charges

Al Qaeda affiliate claims attacks against Shi'ites in Baghdad

Egypt's Sinai emerges as new theater for jihad

Wave of bombings, attacks in Iraq kill at least 67

UNEP to help Bougainville manage clean-up of Rio Tinto mine

Morocco reaction to Qaeda video reflects growing fears

Iraq suicide blasts kill 33, many of them children

Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S.

Analysis - Turkey's 'worthy solitude' sidelines Erdogan in Middle East

Conflict, an alleged chemical attack, and fallout

Suicide bomber hits Iraqi cafe, killing 38

Opposition condemns Syrian rebel blockade

Tighter security at some US missions over al-Qaida

Iraq bombs kill 23, including minority protesters

Yemen's al-Qaida leader vows to free prisoners

Wave of car bombings in Iraq kills at least 58

Officials: Attacks kill 17 people in Iraq

Coordinated attack in Iraq kills 7 policemen

Suicide bombing in Iraq kills 35 in busy cafe

Attacks across Iraq kill 16 as violence rages on

Tributes for bravery of war nurses

Cuts to ranks may shock, but it's happened before

Burger boom as fast food finds fans in Baghdad

Iraq's fugitive VP convicted as attacks kill 92