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Net neutrality row grows louder in India, hit

Indian dining app Zomato moves beyond reviews with Maple deal

US FCC to open up valuable airwaves for tech and telecom companies

Cybercrime could cost $400 bln

FCC to open up valuable airwaves for tech and telecom companies

Winslet and Rickman's Not-so-green Fingers

Verizon to offer custom pay TV with monthly programming bundles

Byrne and Kroll Are Just Beginning

No sex please, just cutesy flirting and strawberries for China's online...

Google accused of cheating competitors

French parliament debates bill to give spies more power

Abrams Celebrates New 'Star Wars'

EU to announce antitrust moves against Google on Wednesday - papers

Exclusive - Six percent of U.S. adults plan to buy Apple Watch - Reuters...

Nokia buys Alcatel to take on Ericsson in telecom equipment

Exclusive: Six percent of U.S. adults plan to buy Apple Watch -...

Union might postpone vote seeking to organize Boeing's South Carolina plant

Union might postpone vote seeking to organise Boeing's South Carolina plant

China tightens grip on discourse, ideology

First Look: New Xbox elegant, but much unknown

Microsoft to announce new Xbox

LinkedIn looks to build on its impressive resume

Merkel, Obama to discuss NSA surveillance program

Supreme Court archive has about 14K hours of audio

Online shopping licence mooted for consumers

Google asks to publish more US gov't information

Pitt Brings Zombies to South Korea

Downey Jr. 'really Happy to Be Back'

Yahoo's 1Q earnings surge while revenue sags

Marlboro maker Altria to jump into e-cigarettes

Chicago-area teen latest snared in website traps

4 questions to consider when buying eyewear online

Intelligence chief blasts NSA document leaks

Jordan: Arab Spring clears way for press freedoms

Tumblr CEO's mom gushes over billion-dollar baby

'The Hangover' Gets Emotional

Obama: 'Nobody Is Listening to Your Phone Calls'

NSA Data Probe Expands to Internet Companies

Obama Defends Phone Data Collection Program

AP PHOTOS: Where your online data get stored

Since 9/11, life _ and surveillance _ made easier

Social media to boost $4bn tourism market

Cuba to offer public Internet at salons islandwide

Feds in NY: Costa Rica money biz a hub for crooks

Coalition expects Telstra to hand over copper network

Facebook barges into Google turf with Home

'Red Line' _ US Says Syria Used Chemical Weapons

On the Call: Google CEO Larry Page

Aussies spend 'less time' on social media

Online translation on the rise, changing lives

More Youth Using Smartphones As Route to Web

Report: More youth use smartphones as route to Web

Dayton draws Minn. tax debate into sharper focus

Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads

Pirate Bay moves from Sweden to Norway, Spain

Wahlberg Gets Political

In death, Facebook photos could fade away forever

'This Is 40' - Perfect Date Film

A 'Warm Bodies' Welcome in the US

Telstra unveils mobile network plans

Google adds new touch to line of Chrome laptops

Oscar Contender Causes Controversy

Egypt court orders YouTube blocked for a month

National Library's iPad app makes sweet music

BlackBerry maker's stock up on hopes for comeback

Judge: NY man's Facebook claim should be dismissed

Nashville Stars Love 'Nashville'

Gay marriage equality box spreads on social media

Stand by to be wired up, in and under

Ex-HMV employee lets loose on company Twitter feed

A guide to Britain's new media regulation regime

British teenage whiz strikes deal with Yahoo

US: Vietnam backsliding on human rights

Police step-up efforts against trolls

Washington touts credentials of new pot consultant

EU fines Microsoft $733M for breaking browser pact

Class of 2012: Young Spaniards launch startups

News Summary: Facebook reshuffles its News Feed

Feds: 3 nabbed for widespread Gozi computer virus

Knoxville's 'Last Stand' With Schwarzenegger