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Three Americans killed in 'insider attack' in Kabul

DRC army in new offensive against Rwanda rebels

Czech president calls for united action against Islamic State

Air Force probing alleged 'treason' remark by general

Nine killed as gunmen storm luxury hotel in Libyan capital

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UN urged to protect girls and women from rape in conflict

Egypt court rules Hamas armed wing 'terror group'

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Top officer killed as Iraq Kurds repel major IS attack

Rights group: Egypt covering up protester deaths

DR Congo says offensive against Hutu rebels underway

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Exclusive: U.S. armed drone program in Yemen facing intelligence gaps

Three killed in anti-UN protest in Mali

Syria battle between al Qaeda and Western-backed group spreads

Africans open new front in war on terror to fight Boko Haram

African Union calls for 7,500-strong force to fight Boko Haram

China 2015 military drills to focus on 'winning local wars'

Venezuela confirms defection of former security agent to U.S.

Too soon to say 'mission accomplished' in Kobani: US official

Syria approves U.N. $2.9 billion humanitarian aid plan for 2015

No military solution to Libyan crisis: African Union

All talk but no peace: South Sudan's stumbling talks

Egyptian prosperity, not protests, could define Sisi rule

Rights group blasts IS for atrocities

Fears in Gambia over detained family of alleged coup plotters

U.N. says plans future Libya talks within country

Mubarak's sons freed from Egyptian prison after anniversary of his fall

Residents told to stay and fight in embattled Nigerian city

'Constructive spirit' at Libya peace talks

Ukraine: Russia-backed rebels overrun another town in east

Leaders mark Auschwitz liberation 70 years on without Putin

Attack on Ukraine's Mariupol targeted civilians: UN

Syria says approves U.N. $2.9 billion humanitarian aid plan for 2015