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Fears of army influence as interim Burkina PM picks team

Career diplomat to be sworn in as Burkina's interim leader

Career diplomat to be sworn in as Burkina's interim leader

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Burkina army maintains hold on power as Zida named PM

Veteran diplomat takes over as Burkina's interim leader

Burkina Faso set to appoint army's Zida as prime minister

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Bears, budgets, farmers top Congress to-do list

Interim administrator appointed to run Wangaratta Council

Bomb hits Libya's Benghazi on attack anniversary

Taliban talking secretly to Kabul government

Millions rally in Egypt, responding to army call

Malians return to polls for 2nd round of voting

Iranians welcome nuclear deal, hard-liners oppose

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Egypt hikes assault on Muslim Brotherhood

Thai government says no delay in Sunday election

US holds out possibility of restoring aid to Egypt

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Fiji says intimidation accusations 'shown to be false'

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BPA administrator replaced amid hiring probe

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Egypt panel to vote on new constitution

Tunisia's PM-designate a little-known newcomer

One killed in clashes as thousands protest in Egypt

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Pakistan government says it won't charge Musharraf

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Syria and rebels trade chemical weapons charges

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Schapelle Corby unlikely to keep interview money

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Egypt sends 13 to trial for sexual violence