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Obama defends US intelligence after hostage deaths

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StanChart hires former UK surveillance chief to combat cybercrime

Standard Chartered hires former UK surveillance chief to combat cybercrime

House passes bill designed to thwart cyberattacks

Funeral for Pakistan rights activist

Putin accuses US of supporting separatists in Russia

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Gunmen kill prominent female activist in Pakistan

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Where US sees terror prevention, some Muslims see profiling

Israel sentences Belgian-Iranian to seven years' jail for spying

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American killed in Pakistan was working to develop economy

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Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years

Special Report - How Denmark's unexpected killer slipped through the net

Special Report: How Denmark's unexpected killer slipped through the net

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State - Spiegel

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State: Spiegel

A terrorist sleeper cell dismantled in Mali

Obama aims to halt perception of passive president

Syrian opposition urges rebels to join key battle

Merkel, Obama to discuss NSA surveillance program

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

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Contractors Under New Scrutiny After NSA Leak

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Minister not told for 8 months on jihadist

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Jordan: Arab Spring clears way for press freedoms

No more red notices in detention: govt

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Holder Sidesteps Questions on Phone Records

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