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Submerged structure stumps Israeli archaeologists

Asbestos found at Sydney Harbour Bridge left uncovered

Cuba girds for climate change by reclaiming coasts

New Myspace takes it back to the future

Boston chief: Wasn't told FBI got Tsarnaev warning

Texas woman self-publishes, hits best-seller lists

Anadarko makes offshore natural gas discovery

Myanmar to open offshore oil and gas bids by April

Oklahoma: Dental clinic inspections not necessary

Museum to showcase contemporary Latin American art

Armstrong interview spotlights Winfrey's network

NSW cops question insurer over stolen art

Lost dog tag soon to be reunited with digger's grandson

UK police cast doubt on 3D-printed 'gun parts'

TWITTER IPO LIVE: Busy morning with Twitter debut

Pasminco lead smelter clean up bigger than expected

Going public: How Twitter's IPO will work

Modern dogs descended from European wolves: study

ABC chopper crash prompts new rules

ATSB releases final report into chopper crash which killed ABC crew at...

Drug companies forge partnerships with top schools

Qld police recruit real estate agents to help track down backyard drug labs

Neanderthals cared for elder, burial site shows

Australian research team heads to Antarctic, expedition leader says Mawson...

Canada on collision course with Russia over North Pole

Police: US newlyweds killed man from Craigslist

Discoveries convince family pregnant woman is dead

Immune cell find brings cancer cure closer

Special Report - Web of lies: How a Spanish tech star fooled the world

Cops: Missing hair, selfie led to homicide suspect

Shipwreck off Haiti could be Columbus' Santa Maria, explorers say

'Godzilla' of Earths circles distant star

Coast guard ends hunt for 2 Lake Michigan boaters

New Anne Frank play opening in Amsterdam

Corporate capital, a new SXSW paradigm

US law firm seeks records from Malaysian Airlines, Boeing

Elderly Italian nuns murdered in Burundi

Eighteenth century brewery remains found at Va. college

Thai baby scandal: police test Japanese man's DNA

GoPro's IPO priced at $24 per share: underwriter

Vials of smallpox discovered in US govt storage room

Cameron enlists ex-Goldman economist in global superbug fight

Appeals court keeps players' suit against league alive

Computers replace humans reading weather reports

As sequencing moves into clinical use, insurers balk

US Air Force to launch fixes to nuclear program

GM must address recall soon to avoid damage to reputation

Little penguin hand-raised in WA

Suicide attacker kills 4 in NW Pakistan

Planetary 'bonanza' as NASA discovers 715 new worlds

Groundwater program to 'transform' water management in arid Australia

Search for MH370 to enter new phase

Lawyer: Mom in dead infants case in prison unit

Journalists increasingly targeted on Ukraine's frontline