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Indonesian capital gets a Christian governor

Indonesian government sharply raises fuel prices

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Indonesia hikes fuel prices, saving government $8 billion next year

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Rupiah at new four-year low Asia FX down for week

Aussie activists face arrest in West Papua

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Indonesian Muslims hold anti-Miss World protest

Asian officials regret cancellation of Obama's APEC trip

Indonesia asylum-boat talks 'productive': Australia

Indonesian laborers go on nationwide pay strike

World court to shine light on E.Timor-Australia spy row

Hong Kong police question maid abuse victim

Indonesia jails mastermind of Myanmar embassy bomb plot

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Defence chief disputes asylum-seeker claim

Indonesia mineral row heightens business uncertainty

PM defends secrecy over border protection

Indonesia implements ban on unprocessed ore export

Bali deaths: Autopsies to be performed in Queensland

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Prime Minister says ABC is not on Australia's side

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Defence minister to be quizzed in Jakarta

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