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FIFA meets amid crisis over Garcia's resignation

Turkish court issues arrest warrant for U.S.-based Erdogan rival, media...

For police reformers, California city shows a rough road

Dalai Lama wants thorough probe into Tibet deaths

Romney moves to reframe debate on abortion, autos

Race may be down to a handful of unknowns

Invest now, Russia says _ but warning signs loom

PNG's new attorney-general targets corruption

Microfilms in China mean anyone can be a director

US tries saving Taliban talks after Karzai objects

Sri Lankan refugee launches High Court challenge against detention based...

Top Pakistan militant said killed in US strike

British Cycling boss to stand for UCI presidency

Egypt proceeds with judiciary law despite uproar

Police: No sign of 3rd party in Berezovsky death

Labor finds itself without a homeland to defend

Kashmir girl band breaks up after threats

GOP rolls out roadmap amid party divisions

Chinua Achebe, celebrated Nigerian novelist, dies

Cancer Council Victoria finds CFA Fiskville firefighters not at greater...

Modi poised for victory as India veers right

UN demands humanitarian aid for all of Syria

Wars worsen as Sudan's 'salvation' regime marks 25 years

Defying Taliban threats, Afghans vote in droves

In Bible epic revival, 'Noah' finds rough seas

Democrats seek ways to limit Obamacare fallout after Florida defeat

UAW drive falls short amid culture clash in South

Special Report - The doubt at the heart of Iraq's Sunni 'revolution'

Special Report - Scots warm to the power of Yes

Crist opponents question his political conversion

Business leaders urge Scots to vote against independence

In U.S. Senate battles, Democrats see votes in women's health

Democratic Rep. Barrow works for GOP votes in Ga.

Greek governing coalition wins confidence vote

Special Report: How Exxon helped make Iraqi Kurdistan

Former Sen. Warren Rudman of NH dies at 82

'Good' and 'bad' Salvador Dali finally meet

Two different conventions, much different goals

Argentina's Clarin defiant in face of gov threats

Woman set on fire in LA as she sleeps on bench

China newspaper publishes after deal ends standoff

Mind your own business, Venezuela foreign minister tells Kerry

Special Report : The doubt at the heart of Iraq's Sunni 'revolution'

Udall stays away as Obama raises cash for campaign

Orban strong favourite as Hungary holds elections

RNC changes debate rules for 2016

As Gaza war subsides, a battle over how it is investigated

Special Report: Scots warm to the power of Yes

China asserts paternal rights over Hong Kong in democracy clash

Democrats in key state: Room for a non-Clinton

FIFA ethics judge hesitates on World Cup

Commonwealth nations to help postwar Sri Lanka

Egypt justice minister submits resignation