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AP Exclusive: the Battle to Keep the Mississippi

AP Exclusive: Fight to Keep the Mississippi Open

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Coast Guard working to reopen shipping lane

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Bangladesh development threatens fragile Sundarbans mangroves

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BP Settlement Seen as Probable Outcome of Spill Penalty Trial

Kremlin pursues military modernization despite economic woes

Customs review into boat capsize finished

Ship pilot in Bay Bridge hit facing license loss

Detente on Korean peninsula as Pyongyang seeks to lift isolation

NY captain: Ferry suffered mechanical failure

Tanker strikes San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

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Mining strike turns deadly

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WA shark cull: Trial 'too short to test effectiveness' in reducing shark...

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Citizen oceanographers could map oceans

Australian warships seizes two tonnes of cannabis

Crews clean up oil spill in Texas shipping channel

Houston ship lane remains shut as cleanup drags on Exxon cuts output

International Court rules no charge over Israel raid on Gaza aid boat

Israel presents maritime version of 'Iron Dome'

Genetics could influence whether Ebola will kill: study

Oil near 6-year low Brent trades at par to U.S. crude