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Obama says he would veto immigration repeal

Obama says he would veto stand-alone immigration repeal

GOP struggles for way out as Homeland shutdown looms

McConnell says will act on funding bill, immigration separately

Obama says court fight on immigration actions to take months

On Bush turf, Obama blames immigration woes on Republicans

Norway's Muslims form protective human ring around synagogue

U.S. Justice Department asks for stay to allow immigration action

Senate Democrats block Homeland Security funding bill for fourth time

Inarritu says Penn's immigration remark a joke among friends

Immigration to Britain rises in pre-election blow to Cameron

House Republicans advance plan for security funding extension

Obama turns up heat on Republicans for stalled immigration reforms

U.S. conservatives urge Boehner to hold firm on immigration

Confident Obama predicts success in immigration appeal

Voter challenges Rubio's immigration stance during town hall

Reid to GOP: First Fund Homeland Security

GOP leader offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

Mexico proposes allowing foreign agents to bear arms

Australia to tighten immigration laws in counterterror bid

What happens, and does not, in Homeland shutdown

What happens, and not, in Homeland Security shutdown

Some Republican governors back Homeland Security showdown

Republican offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

US avoids Homeland Security shutdown

Boehner on DHS Funding: 'Time for Senate to Act'

Jindal tells GOP Congress to 'grow a spine' on DHS funding

Deadline near, deal sets up Homeland Security vote in Senate

U.S. Senate votes to clear path for security agency funding

Bridge blocked by group protesting police shooting

House GOP weighs new approach on Homeland Security

Bush: Borders less secure if Congress cuts off DHS dollars

DHS: Shutdown Could Bring 'serious Consequences'

U.S. House rejects stopgap security agency funding, partial shutdown looms

Jeb Bush enters the lion's den, touts conservative credentials

Boehner won't decide on Senate security bill until it passes

Congress averts security agency shutdown with one-week spending fix

Senate Republican offers plan to avert security funding crisis

Swiss right-wing party enlists magazine chief as candidate

Senate panel backs Loretta Lynch as attorney general

Chris Brown says he's been denied entry into Canada

House Republicans to decide on Homeland Security funding

Homeland Security to stay open as Congress OKs 1-week bill

Bush: US less secure if Congress cuts off security funding

Catholic head says will press government on 'shocking' poverty levels

Pelosi: Mr. Speaker, Get a Grip - Give Us a Vote

Congress passes one-week spending fix for domestic security agency

DHS bill exposes holes in GOP's congressional coordination

Oscars speeches filled with political activism, pet issues

ShowBiz Minute: Oscars

U.S. government says 8.84 million people signed on for 2015 Obamacare plans

Talks ongoing with inmates who control part of Texas prison

GOP may need House Dems to help resolve DHS funding impasse

Sealed With Kiss: Boehner Deflects DHS Questions