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Obama signs US Homeland Security funding bill into law

Obama signs Homeland Security funding bill into law

US avoids Homeland Security shutdown

Republicans back down in standoff over Homeland Security

What happens, and does not, in Homeland shutdown

Republicans' Homeland Security move called political blunder

Homeland Security funding deal elusive as new deadline nears

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Jindal tells GOP Congress to 'grow a spine' on DHS funding

Sealed With Kiss: Boehner Deflects DHS Questions

House GOP weighs new approach on Homeland Security

Obama Signs Homeland Security Funding Bill

Pelosi: Mr. Speaker, Get a Grip - Give Us a Vote

GOP leaders are struggling to show they really are in charge

Boehner leaves open possible vote on Dem-backed DHS bill

Republicanleaders struggle to show they really are in charge

Congress averts security agency shutdown with one-week spending fix

No clear signs of deal to fund Homeland Security Department

Boehner defends his U.S. House leadership amid conservative unrest

Dems call GOP Homeland Security strategy a political blunder

Homeland Security funding drama darkens U.S. fiscal outlook

DHS Head Thanks Congress for Funding

Reid: Terrorists Have Money, Why Shouldn't DHS

Tug of war: Obama, Congress at odds over who's in control

U.S. House breaks impasse, passes security funding without provisions

House breaks impasse, passes security funding without provisions

'Jihadi John' part of network linked to failed London bombers - court...

'Jihadi John' part of network linked to failed London bombers: court papers

Homeland Security not the only area of Congress' dysfunction

Veteran Democratic Sen. Mikulski won't seek re-election

Congress' dysfunction not limited to Homeland Security fight

Obama offers praise, complaints for Republicans

Key House chairman slams Senate immigration bill

Border security at issue in immigration bill

Attention turns to vote-counting on immigration

Obama supports including gays in immigration bill

Offshore processing can't work alone: govt

Colo. immigrant driver's license bill gets 1st OK

Cameron's Conservatives suffer in UK local votes

Dems pouring money, Obama into Mass. Senate race

Senate panel approves immigration bill

Advocates criticize Senate immigration bill

Obama eyes higher profile role on immigration

May Day Rallies Take on Labor, Immigration

In Menendez's troubles, echoes of past scandals

PROMISES, PROMISES: When Obama's promises conflict

Tempers flare at immigration hearing

Napolitano to talk immigration before Senate panel

Ahmed would be great for Ashes: Warne

Twister heals Ala. town fractured over immigration

Senator: Tentative deal on immigration ag workers

US Reps from Vt. and NY have dairy worker plan

Many states fight immigration overhaul for youths

House passes pro-business cybersecurity bill

Budget battle: 3 plans on the table, what now?

Intense reaction as immigration bill filed

Napolitano: Immigration bill would boost security

Raucous debate on immigration to get under way

Congress Returns to Guns, Immigration and Budget

Lawmakers want Obama to follow up outreach effort

NY pushes to settle budget early proposals emerge

Conservative leader says GOP must broaden appeal

Report: Bill would set an 8-year path to residency

Obama: Immigration bill could pass by summer

Grenada to revive program selling citizenship

Evangelicals support path to citizenship

Obama calls for April debate on immigration bill

Obama adviser optimistic on immigration overhaul

Obama adviser hedges optimism on stricter gun laws

Senate tries again to move anti-violence bill

Australia, Malaysia refugee deal in limbo

Immigration bill splits GOP on national-local line

Republicans face a balancing act on immigration

House opens first immigration hearing

Top to bottom changes in Congress' foreign policy

Poll: Many say let illegal immigrants stay in US

Geraldton asylum seekers to be detained

Band of Republicans pushes immigration in US House

Greek far-right lawmakers to make pleas against criminal charges on Tuesday