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Talks with Greece have gained momentum but still long way from target: IMF

Talks with Greece have gained momentum but still long way from target - IMF

World finance leaders see threats ahead for global economy

Greece wants EU/IMF deal but impasse could bring referendum: deputy PM

Greece urged to stop wasting time

Greek cash seen lasting into June, no EU deal imminent

Kerry welcomes Greek foreign minister to Washington

Portugal places 4 billion euros in 2024, 2030 bonds in debt swap

Euro working group to meet Wednesday, deal still sought: Greek official

Greek markets shaken as troubled bailout talks continue

Greece's shifting bailout deadlines fuel uncertainty

Euro zone warns Greece no cash till full reform deal

ECB to fund Greek banks as long as they stay solvent: Coeure

No deal for Greece as time, money run out

Greece: five years of bailout blues

Merkel - must prevent Greece running out of cash before deal

Merkel: must prevent Greece running out of cash before deal

Eurozone express hopes that Greek criticism will bear fruit

Asian stocks steady after China stimulus, euro hurt by Greek woes

Greece's governors agree to lend cash to central government

Anger over Greek state cash plan

Stocks firm after China stimulus, euro hit by Greek anxiety

Greek anger over state cash grab from public entities

Close to power, Finnish populists tone down anti-Athens policies

Johnson: Don't Blame Islam or UK Policy

New Egypt tax law: cuts for poor, business hikes

Greece faces slow, jobless recovery next year

Gillard govt still keen for surplus: IMF

US market rallies as gold price stabilises

IMF: Egypt's financial situation deteriorating

Egypt's Morsi to reshuffle Cabinet amid turmoil

"French kiss" finally enters French dictionary

IMF urges Germany to keep spending amid low growth

IMF still confident in Lagarde after French probe

Oil slide continues, falls below $87 a barrel

Copper leads decline on weak economic outlook

Govt faces fresh budget revenue concerns

Greece in new turmoil as coalition ally pulls out

Egypt's fuel crisis adds to its economic woes

Egypt declines $750 million IMF rescue loan

Libya's militarized youth feed into economic woes

Kerry: Egypt needs political, economic viability

Argentina may defy NY courts with payment offer

Cyprus lawmakers approve key bills for bailout

A look at the eurozone's 5 bailouts

Thousands of Qld flood victims join possible lawsuit

SA ex-bikie swore when told of raid

IMF sees modest 2013 improvement for world economy

Davos summit ends with warnings on global economy

Fragile economy, other global woes dominated Davos

Russia likely to contribute to Cyprus bailout

Eurozone debt burden stuck amid low growth

NZ dollar ticks up on Chinese data

IMF: Eurozone needs Portugal to stay on track

Cyprus banks reopen: Live Report

India, Rajan and the Great Man fallacy: James Saft

Analysis - New Greek rescue promises euro drama, not crisis

IMF sees emerging economies vulnerable to U.S. tapering