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APNewsBreak: Officer who shot man dragged him from fire

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New laws to target online predators

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British detective jailed in phone-hacking scandal

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Greek far-right leader imprisoned pending trial

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Brisbane soccer team caught in scandal

Armed Russians detain Aussie activists

Expert networks - thriving in Asia, away from U.S. scrutiny

Bo's other son thanks China for allowing father to speak freely - report

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Dems pin immigration hopes on GOP's Ryan

Immigration backers plan push for reform

Immigration bill clears Senate test

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4 dead after boat capsizes off Florida coast

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More concerns about sheep sold in Mideast

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No cease-fire, drugs nag at Colombia peace talks

US: American fighters in Syria a security risk

Qld govt's committee sacking 'illegal'

Wine dealer 'lied over fake vintages': US trial

Customs warning as Sydney school kids recruited to import illegal drugs...

Two candidates claim victory in Honduras election

Hollande under fresh scrutiny, Valerie's family 'worried'

Israeli lawyer is effective voice for Palestinians

US 'revenge porn' victims press for new laws

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French restaurant's 'no Pakistani' rule lands chef in soup

Federal judge: NSA phone surveillance is legal