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Sicilian court convicts 20 Somalis of migrant-trafficking

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The Latest: Captain and crew member arrested

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Madagascar mob lynches three on tourist island

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Human trafficking a worry in post-typhoon Philippines: US

Guinea-Bissau smashes child slavery ring

Lawmakers, groups use Super Bowl to flag sex traffic scourge

Canada expels 20 Hungarians for human trafficking

No justice for child victims of Burundi's sex-traffic rings

US blacklists Thailand, Malaysia over trafficking

Documentary features ND oil boomtown's gritty side

Pope meets sex trafficking victims

Hunt for 43 students highlights Mexico's missing

Chinese police seek 100 Vietnamese runaway brides: report

Italy's second 'ghost ship' rescue prompts EU pledge on migrants

Thai PM urges action on human trafficking as U.S. deadline looms

Stuck in limbo, Bangkok's hidden urban refugees scrape by

Activist: Repatriated NKoreans from its underclass

Canada disrupts Romanian people smuggling ring

Australian accused of trafficking Filipino boxers to use as slaves

Biggest exhumation underway from Peru conflict

Mexico pres seeks to cement legacy in last address

Facebook used to kidnap, traffic Indonesian girls

Soldiers: Mexico beauty queen had gun in her hands

Honduran kids flee terror at home, hope for opportunity in US

Philippines hunts new suspects in new 'sextortion' ring

Denzel Washington sharpens tools to exact justice in 'Equalizer'

Italy fights mafia with new strategy: banish sons

Homeland chief presses $3.7B border request

Pope, archbishop of Canterbury battle trafficking

Exclusive - Trafficking abuse of Myanmar Rohingya spreads to Malaysia

Spurred by mass abduction, Mexicans scour for remains of their dead

Spain smashes ring smuggling Syrians into Europe

Paraguay tries to stop execution of woman in China

Haitian player accused of human trafficking

Pope urges Mafiosi to stop exploitation of others

Tony Mokbel loses bid to quash drug conviction

Greek police seek foreign clues on mystery child among Roma

Somali pirates now protecting illegal fishing biz

Ashton Kutcher files for divorce from Demi Moore

Chinese doctor admits selling patients' newborns

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Philippines arrests 11 over online child porn