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Cuban president to make announcement on U.S. relations

White House does not dismiss idea of Castro visit

Kerry says Russia sanctions could end if Putin takes right steps

U.S. Republicans look for ways to block normal ties with Cuba

Jeb Bush explores 2016 U.S. presidential run

New York mayor calls for pause in protests after police killings

U.S., Cuba restore ties after 50 years

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Armstrong must face US doping lawsuit, judge rules

Ex-Jefferies trader gets two years in prison in fraud case

Big broadcasters vanquish upstart Aereo at U.S. Supreme Court

US top court rules against TV startup Aereo

U.S. justices weigh limits to police cellphone searches

U.S. top court wary of major change to software patent law

Abortion fight haunts top court hearing on healthcare

U.S. Supreme Court seeks middle ground in securities case

US Supreme Court declines immigration cases

U.S. advisers may take forward positions in Iraq fighting

Afghan soldier who killed U.S. general spent three years in army

Ahead of speech, Obama briefs Congress on Islamic State strategy

US told Iran of intent to strike Islamic State in Syria

Exclusive: U.S. told Iran of intent to strike Islamic State in Syria -...

Man arrested near Canada's prime minister in sign of tensions

Canada vows tougher laws as citizens worry in face of attacks

Grizzlies win 106-93, Lakers lose 4th straight

US top court cuts back climate change regulation

US Supreme Court's milestone ruling protects cellphone privacy

U.S. justices reject accused shooter's appeal over reporter sources

North Carolina Senate outlaws disclosure of fracking fluid secrets

Fault lines re-emerge in US Supreme Court at end of term - analysis

Supreme Court agrees to hear air marshal whistleblower case

UN troops defied orders, opened fire and escaped Syrian rebels

Iran's Rouhani says ties with Saudis deserve to be warmer

Exclusive: United States defends Syria airstrikes in letter to U.N. chief

Iran nuclear deal would boost cooperation, Rouhani says

Obama says global climate deal must include emerging economies

Al Jazeera countersues Al Gore over $65 million

Defense at bin Laden son-in-law trial cites alleged 9/11 mastermind