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Senate aims to vote Monday on $1.1 trillion spending bill

Obama urges Senate to pass $1.1 T spending bill

Senate passes spending bill, ends government shutdown threat

Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending bill into law

113th Congress ends with more fights than feats

White House does not dismiss idea of Castro visit

Obama signs huge spending bill

Senate Spending Bill Thwarted by Late-Night Challenge From Cruz

Obama getting $1.1 T spending bill from Congress

Congress sends Obama $1.1 T spending bill

Senate Endgame to Pass Spending Bill Thwarted by Late-Night Spat

U.S. Republicans look for ways to block normal ties with Cuba

Senate OKs nominees and tax bill as term nears end

Tax extenders expected to win U.S. Senate approval within days

Senate OKs nominees and tax bill as term ends

U.S. terrorism insurance bill killed by objections in Senate

Oil pipeline to top US Senate agenda next year

Senate clears US spending bill after Cruz abandons challenge

Japan votes in snap poll

Obama, Warren emerge as potential political foils

Madagascar reconciliation bid secures political prisoner release