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Bret Michaels at the Hard Rock Cafe


Country's biggest stars shine bright at ACM Awards

Britain's Old Vic honors Kevin Spacey for key artistic role

Old Vic honours Kevin Spacey for key artistic role

Russia blocks Hollywood thriller day before its release

'Groundhog Day' musical to premiere at London's Old Vic

Meryl Streep funds initiative to help women screenwriters

Meryl Streep funds initiative to help women screenwriters: TRFN

Iconic Israeli actor Chaim Topol reflects on long career

Duff admits to playing catch up in fast-paced music biz

South Africans learn to laugh at lighter side of blackouts

Kazakh ex-spy chief, presidential guard on trial in Austria for murder

Investigators say identity-theft suspect had 74 aliases

Bible stories and thrillers make Morocco filming choice

Documentary filmmakers' memoir gives backstage peek at stars

Robin Williams the posthumous star of '3 Still Standing'

New documentary eyes story of Latino extras in 1956 'Giant'

Famed Cougar Leaves Space Under LA House

Electric cars won't spread even with rapid chargers: Toyota engineer

Hurdles in 'Suge' Knight case: Hesitant witness, fuzzy video

ACM hosts Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan work as comedic duo

George Lucas to Colbert: Why aren't you replacing Stewart?

Manny Pacquiao fights back at Mayweather's "reckless" jabs

'Most dangerous movie ever made' charges into theaters

Jockey Chris Antley leads Racing Hall of Fame class

Truck moved after dramatic freeway crash

$1 million in jewelry stolen near Cannes film fest

Brown hounded for calling Manila 'gates of hell'

ShowBiz Minute: Shelton, King, Lopez

LA stoplights synchronized but road war endures

Dior presents cruise fashions amid stars in Monaco

'Trek' does $70.6M but falls short of studio hopes

Kidman inducted into InStyle Hall of Fame

EU gets deal on trans-Atlantic trade pact mandate

Te'o talks mostly football in rare news conference

Second City co-founder brought intellect to comedy

Dotcom continues publicity campaign

Women in Film turns 40, honors Lucas, Linney Reflects on Grandmother's Influence

Stars put punk edge in their Met Gala outfits

Private hospital funded to cover ambulance ramping

Small business reality TV shows at a glance

Dark clouds hang over air shows after budget cuts

Cannes helps actors Bejo and Rahim cross borders

Tale of Mexican drug violence rattles Cannes

Driver falls 15m from bridge after truck crash

Family drama adds intrigue to Ill. governor's race

Cannes film fest opens with DiCaprio, Spielberg

Warner Bros. shuffles deck as top TV exec leaves

'Gatsby' gives 'Iron Man 3' a run for its money

South African aviator dies

Feds in NY: Russian mob ran celebrity poker games

Producer: NY is best home for Fallon's 'Tonight'

China pulls 'Django Unchained' on day of premiere

Jolie Addresses G8 on Wartime Sex Crimes

Actors, others honor Ebert at Chicago theater

Measles surges in UK years after flawed research

Voters Could Elect LA's First Female Mayor

Indian star Amitabh Bachchan to act in TV series

Fashion world applauds de la Renta _ and Clinton

Venezuela frees US filmmaker jailed as alleged spy

Review: The laden 'Man of Steel' doesn't soar

American charged, ex-general held in Venezuela

Jurors deliberate Arias fate amid spectacle

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Witherspoon 'embarrassed' by arrest hearing reset

Judge sides with sons about Jim Thorpe's remains

Acclaimed Indian film director Ghosh dies at 49

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Arnie to reveal secret to his success

GG and Jackman hang out in New York

Comedy on Mexico income gap a big screen hit