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Protesters Call for Apology From Japan's Abe

Pope stokes flames ahead of US trip even as he ends problems

Hundreds protest Japanese leader ahead of California visit

Alberta voters may end ruling party's 44-year run after oil plunge

Activists work for Native American-friendly site names

Centenary of 1.5 million Armenian deaths marked in NYC

Picasso, Giacometti poised to set records at NYC auctions

Ohio in a minority as high court weighs same-sex marriage

Baltimore riot damage adds burden to small businesses

Vietnamese-Americans recall losses, gains since Saigon fell

Petrobras writedown may give new ammunition to class-action suit

Insight - Petrobras writedown may give new ammunition to class-action suit

Old companies thrive in brand-loyal Japan adapting to times

Food, Italy and Milan: Expo 2015 seeks to feed the planet

1920s silent film, Native American cast get due decades late

Scant details from Gray death probe disappoint protesters

Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb

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Smart thinking needed as Perth and its issues expand

State broadcaster's end a blow to Greek identity

Baby Bounce: Royal infant may help UK economy

Minaret of famed mosque in Syria destroyed

AFP discriminated on basis of crim record

Jill Meagher killer was on parole for rape

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New plan to tackle prostate cancer

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New England keeps its stride after 2 tragedies

Bulgarian honor bid in DC stirs Holocaust debate

In Menendez's troubles, echoes of past scandals

Harvard Professor apologizes for Keynes comments

NKorean envoy delivers letter to China's president

Sales of camp sites throw Girl Scouts into turmoil

Apple to dole out $100B to shareholders

Supreme Court limits suits over foreign abuses

Utah mine landslide 1 of largest in history

Report: Virgin America best US airline in 2012

Ohio Amish in beard-cutting case fight for release

Mickelson, Condi Rice engage in golf diplomacy

Bordeleau named as Providence Journal top editor

6 key considerations when applying for a mortgage

Late-night network shows still a white men's club

Roth's 80th cause for Newark, NJ, celebration

Report: More youth use smartphones as route to Web

Austrian cardinal: a conservative open to reform

T. rex not a stand-up guy? Test your dino skills

Domenici acknowledges having son outside marriage

Obama considers weighing in on gay marriage case

Italy faces political gridlock after crucial elex

Jackson Jr.'s district has history of corruption

New film tells story of unsung civil rights leader

Pope legacy: Teacher who returned to church roots

Obama urges justices to overturn gay marriage ban

Key events in the life of Benedict XVI

Jerry Buss, Los Angeles Lakers' owner, dies at 80

Bank of Cyprus big savers to lose up to 60 percent

NJ professor's quixotic quest to be Iran president

Carlos Slim's company wins Olympic TV rights

Nuclear waste a growing headache for SKorea

Does a leadership spill 'clear the air'?

Filipino cardinal stirs papal talk with rapid rise

UN sanctions may play into North Korean propaganda

Haitian schools expand use of Creole language

Venezuelan politics heating up in Chavez's absence

'Sister Wives' lawsuit back in Utah courtroom

Federal court hears 'Sister Wives' lawsuit

Sex offender, Kan. talent scout accused of rape

Experts fear Dominican ruling could cause crisis

Oldest Nobel Prize winner Ronald Coase dies at 102

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama alludes to Syrian war

Abbott committing 'fraud' on costings: PM

Syria's Assad: An accidental heir proves resilient

Bill Gates plans to teach Australian man's history course in schools...

After Angie, Uschi? - some Germans ponder life after Merkel

Dominican ruling strips many of citizenship

Arab world searches for democratic future

Bruce Murray, former JPL director, dies at 81

Twitter flies from obscurity to the height of fame

Bob Newhart finally gets his Emmy Award

JPMorgan admits fault, pays $920M in trading loss

INSIGHT - In small American town, a window into Egyptian general's past