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Connect the dots: Minnesota city gets umlauts back on signs

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Israel investing in disputed West Bank sites

Palestinians to seek UN recognition next month

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UNESCO leader re-elected amid budget tightening

LatAm leaders declare region a 'zone of peace'

Ukraine's Yanukovych meets China's President Xi

Sharon's procession includes stop at famed Israeli military site

Miner sits down with Aboriginal community to discuss access to cultural...

Mont Saint Michel

Reef will be 'pretty ugly' by 2050

Fracking in UK national parks allowed in 'exceptional circumstances'

In Bolivia, silver mountain at risk of collapse

Nepal gears up for Indian PM Modi's visit

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'Mockingbird' author settling suit against museum

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Vienna palace offers flat at princely price

Australians, Canadians held for stripping at Machu Picchu

Syrian army says 93 rebels killed fleeing castle

Ecotourism certification, not deregulation

New plan avoids mud dumping in Barrier Reef Park

Whitehaven Coal warned to respect aboriginal traditions at Maules Creek...

Historic Cleveland ballpark gets new shot at life

Northern Ireland firebrand turned peacemaker Ian Paisley dies

Russian tourist shot dead in Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa

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