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Europe's financial crisis leads to suicide surge

Greek unemployment reaches record 26 percent

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Market relief as Portugal defuses political crisis

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Business Council of Australia releases economic action plan urging...

Cypriots protest against bailout austerity measures

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20 years after Maastricht, EU in quest for new Big Idea

Greek police unionists protest planned pay cuts

Greeks brace for more pain

Dutch queen swears in new government

Portugal PM denies allegations of past financial impropriety

Egypt's Sisi delivers economic reforms but hurdles remain

Troika begins fifth review of bailed-out Cyprus economy

Greek Crisis 2.0? Not quite yet

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G-20 to tackle big companies using tax havens

UK argues downgrade shows need for austerity

EU warns of imbalances in Spain, Slovenia

Draghi: Do more to promote jobs, growth

Greek markets recover losses from Cyprus crisis

Putin urges G20 ministers to consider social cost

Greece pledges swift punishment over farm shooting

Greece ends tax spat ahead of new inspection

Greek anti-austerity strike threatens school exams

Daily protests clogging Greek capital, say police

Greek opposition: IMF mistake won't ease austerity

Greek coalition avoids collapse over TV shutdown

Satellite boost for Greece's public TV holdouts

Greek workers start 48-hour public sector strike

Thousands protest in Greece over planned new tax

Romania gov't easily wins parliamentary elections

Greece: EU lawmakers probe bailout enforcers

Escaped Greek terrorist vows to fight govt

Eurozone debt hits 90 percent of its economy

Greeks cast their vote in the European Parliament elections

Portugal ends bailout constraints pain won't end

Spain economic recovery 'gathering pace'

Greek aide shields PM in furor over investigation of far-right

G20 summit opens in Australia growth tops agenda

Ukraine seen as risky bet for IMF

Police arrest 24 in Madrid after anti-austerity demo

UN: Crisis in Greece weakening human rights action

Hundreds of Greek seamen unpaid for months

Bailout lenders grant Portugal easier debt targets

Greece: More time needed to restructure staff

Tasmanian Premier prepares a harsh budget

Top officials call to overhaul euro institutions

Juncker concedes mistakes on Greek bailout

Greece says it met deficit-cutting targets in 2012

Cyprus banks to endure further losses in 2014

Irish PM under fire over referendum defeat

EU leaders in Norway to pick up Nobel Peace Prize

Greece extends bond buyback deadline for a day

EU lawmakers take 'Troika' to task

Creditors conclude talks in Greece, back December

US envoy: Ukraine must reform to get aid

Greece seeking to find $14.2 bln spending cuts

Greek judges, police take to streets over cuts

Lithuanian president faces second round in elections

Merkel praises 'first tender shoots of success' in Greece