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American wins prestigious children's peace prize

Dutch confirm 2nd case of bird flu in a week

Serb's release by U.N. court frees nationalist genie, Croat leader warns

Dutch cull ducks amid bird flu fears in poultry heartland

Second bird flu outbreak found on Dutch farm

Jailed at 75: Veteran campaigner leads Cambodia eviction battle

UN calls for probe of N. Korea 'crimes against humanity'

UN push against North Korea on rights moves ahead

Israel to face new condemnation for settlements

Austerity protests stall several European nations

Yacht commissioned by Steve Jobs launched

Hamas links truce to end of Gaza border blockade

Former veterans pay respect to victims in Bosnia

As Europe plots closer ties, Britain mulls split

UK foreign secretary: Don't just Tweet, let's meet

Pollies on the warpath in election year

No pension rise for UK expat retirees

Senior expats sick of UK govt crying poor

Dutch police: 3 arrested in high-priced art heist

Britain's Hague says time is right for Iran's statements to be matched...

AP Interview: War criminal urges peace in Bosnia

Bishop not privy to Rudd Syria briefings

Kerry: 'if Assad fails to comply, there will be consequences'

Insight: Kenya cases stir African backlash against ICC

Brahimi: Alleged chemical weapon attack shows Syria peace talks urgent

Kenya moves to leave international court

Meeting in Geneva to prepare Syria peace talks

Correction: Syria story

World court to shine light on E.Timor-Australia spy row

Australia rejects East Timor's demands

2 Serb ex-spy chiefs arrested over 1999 killing

UK probes role in India's Golden Temple assault plans

Chemical watchdog worried over Syria attack reports

Netherlands win inaugural World League

Peru gets more ocean, Chile keeps fishing grounds

World court awards Peru swathe of Chile's fish-rich sea

No African leader wins $5M good governance award

Syria releases 13 women detainees

UN envoy in Syria as fighting hinders chemical experts

Destroying chemical arms outside Syria 'most viable option'

Iran, Britain to appoint envoys within 2 weeks: report

America Movil drops multi-billion-euro offer for Dutch KPN

Chemical watchdog urges truces so Syria can disarm

US lawmakers seek accords on abducted children

Police to guard Kenyan wanted at ICC for witness intimidation

Chemical weapons inspectors says Syria cooperating with mission

International court hands war crimes case to Libya