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Israeli military networks breached by hackers

Sony Pictures condemns Wikileaks release of documents from hackers

Russian cyber attackers used two unknown flaws - security company

User mistakes aid most cyber attacks, Verizon and Symantec studies show

Company executives poorly placed to handle rising cyber risk: KPMG survey

Review: 'Unfriended' has interesting concept but still a dud

WikiLeaks creates online archive of hacked Sony documents

Chinese hackers target Southeast Asia, India, researchers say

Cybercrime could cost $400 bln

'Watch Dogs' video game a sign of the times

Assange could stay in embassy for 5 years

Hacker seizes control of Maduro's Twitter account

Canada police reopen investigation of alleged rape

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Feds in NY: Costa Rica money biz a hub for crooks

USSR's old domain name attracts cybercriminals

Microsoft offers security enhancement for sign-ins

House passes pro-business cybersecurity bill

Company denies employee hacked clients

Wisconsin man to face charges in Koch cyberattack

Hackers attack North Korean news website

Reuters editor says he did not conspire in hack

South Korean Computers Crash, Hackers Suspected

Hundreds honor information activist Swartz in NYC

Hackers target Czech banks, affect online banking

US businesses concerned over China market barriers

Activists hack Mexican army website

Report: NSA cracked most online encryption

Black market site owner faces US murder plot charge

Ex-Soviet hackers play outsized role in cyber crime world

'Boyfriend Tracker' app raises stir in Brazil

Assange just an attention seeker: Howard

Yahoo accepting requests for inactive email IDs

Rose, McIlroy head home early from Muirfield

Snowden 'safe and healthy': Assange

Obama is eager member of golfing presidents' club

Bahrain protests fizzle under security clampdown

With 3 'hops,' NSA gets millions of phone records

Edward Snowden helped by WikiLeaks to leave Hong Kong and seek asylum in...

Snowden not on flight to Cuba, whereabouts unclear

Ex-Soviet hackers play outsized role in cyber crime world

US proving Internet-adept and inept at same time

Singapore vows to hunt down Anonymous hackers

Singapore newspaper blog site hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous Philippines pledge more cyber attacks

'The Fifth Estate': The film that outraged Assange

'Anonymous' targets Israeli websites over Gaza war

Smart meter movement stirs rowdy debate in Texas

Heyward, Minor lead Braves past Giants 7-3

Crime Stoppers website hacked, police email addresses published in spying...

Israeli hacking school trains cyber warriors

Amazon warned about drone hackers

Poll: Americans don't trust one another