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Labour holds three point lead over Conservatives - Populus poll

Labour hold three point lead over Conservatives - Panelbase poll

Conservatives take 3 point lead over Labour - Survation poll

Conservatives take one point lead over Labour in YouGov poll - Sun...

China plates, food, showcased ahead of Japan State Dinner

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour by six points - Ashcroft poll

Swiss expect deal with EU over clearing house

Game of losers? Poisoned chalice awaits UK election victor

Game of losers? Poisoned chalice awaits election victor

Special Report - British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

Golf course debate reflects Vietnam army's capitalist streak

Special Report: British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

White House Unveils Obama State China

Barack Obama state china sports Hawaii blue

In quake-hit Nepal, rescuers struggle to recover the dead

Special Report - For UK political donors, an unintended tax break

Special Report: For UK political donors, an unintended tax break

Hopes for Greek deal rise as prime minister, EU see progress

Greens fear wombat worries more widespread

Turkish PM vows new gesture aimed to cool protests

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

US leaker not welcome in NZ: John Key

Sexist attacks must be stamped out: Bandt

Greg Pearce rejects jobs for mates claims

Coalition criminal refugee plan 'illegal'

Fed govt defends live animal export trade

Coalition to target unions in crackdown

Push for waste levy

NSW commuters warned to pay fares

Infrastructure levy on all new homes

Toyota profit more than doubles on yen, cost cuts

Minister predicts shorter battle over mining

Qld rejects food drop idea for cattle

Baby's death raises concern over Gladstone Hospital

Welfare earnings change is a bandaid: mum

Big reforms must go ahead, Milne says

Close down Manus, says ALP senator Cameron

Gay marriage becomes legal in New Zealand

Offshore processing can't work alone: govt

Educate parents on immunisation: Greens

Thatcher, even in death, divides world opinion

Today in History for May 4th

US tourists swim for 14 hours after boat sinks

Erdogan rejects 'dictator' claims

No vote for gay marriage bill before poll

Education Minister rejects deal allegation

Protesters vow to act as 'human shields' to protect kangaroos during ACT...

Protests unite Turks across the social spectrum

Miners unfazed by green protest plans

Abbott would legislate to cut gambling ads

Abbott needs to explain tax cuts: Greens

Labor surplus plan can't be trusted: oppn

Hospitals to increase healthier food options

Greens bid Ferguson good riddance

Plastic shopping bags banished

Growth plan revealed for northern Adelaide

Govt claims black hole in Liberal budget

Farmers push for repeal of GM restrictive Act

Liberals raise forest peace deal legal doubts

Child advocate's role under scrutiny

Minister to reveal prison boss cost

Tasmanian MP labels Thatcher a 'war criminal'

Greens slam plan to cut university funding

Union backs schools funding, WA critical

Govt legacy focus of final parliament week

Revelers from NYC to Dublin mark St. Patrick's Day

Government moves to allow farming on Cape York