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Baltimore police officers to face homicide charges in Freddie Gray case

Freddie Gray's stepfather appeals for calm in Baltimore

Obama says "Justice needs to be served" in Baltimore

Police officers in custody after Freddie Gray charges: Mayor

State's Attorney details roles of each of 6 charged officers

Freddie Gray's Family Satisfied With Charges

'Granny hair' vogue: women embrace trend by going many shades of gray

Multiple fires engulf Baltimore overnight

Curfew enforced without incident in Baltimore

Prosecutor Charges 6 Officers in Baltimore Death

AP PHOTOS: Riots hit Baltimore after Freddie Gray funeral

Freddie Gray Attorney Urges End to Violence

Celebrations, after six Baltimore officers charged

Clinton: Baltimore Violence Has to Stop

Baltimore Demonstrators March Toward City Hall

Latest on police-custody death: Police bid to regain control

Violence erupts after funeral of Baltimore man who died in police custody

Mayor: There Will Be Justice for Freddie Gray

Attorney for Baltimore Police: "Officers did nothing wrong"

Mourners Honor Life of Freddie Gray at Funeral

Station suspends DJ over posting in Baltimore man's death

Obama: Truth About Gray's Death Must Come Out

Police findings on Baltimore man's death handed to prosecutors

Maryland's Gov. calls for day of prayer, reconciliation

Photos of charged Baltimore police officers released

Protesters arrested for curfew violations in Baltimore

Experts: Convictions will be tough to win in Baltimore case

Police Union: Charges Are a 'Rush to Judgment'

Thousands in US protest death of Baltimore man

Thousands in US protest death of Baltimore man

Scant details from Gray death probe disappoint protesters

Rage to relief in Baltimore as six officers charged in death

Baltimore Lifts Imposed Curfew

Baltimore Community Center Burned

The Latest: Arrested protester: Curfew law very egregious

Baltimore death sparks protests in New York, Boston

Latest on police-custody death: More protests in Ferguson

Maryland Gov.: 'Let's Get Back to Normal'

Maryland Gov. Declares State of Emergency

Prayers as Baltimore lifts curfew

Baltimore mayor lifts curfew six days after riots