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Limited violence in Athens after anti-government protest

Venezuela captures Americans suspected of espionage

Irish government asks IAG for additional commitments on Aer Lingus

Spain's PM denies Greek counterpart's "overthrow" claim

Ukraine's reports significant fall in fighting

Opposition accuses Macedonian government of tapping reporters' phones

Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow

UK government rejects calls for higher diesel tax to cut pollution

Canada December budget surplus rises on GM share transfer

Japanese media self-censorship grows in PM Abe's reign

India's new budget aims to boost growth and infrastructure

Libya's Haftar appointed army chief for recognized government

Libya's Haftar appointed army chief for recognised government

UK government coalition partner seeks extra billion pounds in bank tax

Chief justice could again swing Obamacare case in government's favor

Protests rage on in Venezuela as teen shot by police is buried

France's Hollande urges Libya factions to strike political deal

Hong Kong pledges $37 million for businesses hit by pro-democracy protests

Macedonian opposition claims PM targeted opponent's building

Mexicans rejoice at Inarritu's Oscar victories

Ukraine's Poroshenko sees 'threat from the east' despite truce

India's ruling party, Kashmir party to form state government

Estonian premier aims for coalition talks to create new govt

Japan environment minister latest to deny illegal funding

Syrian Army says it has regained control of villages in south of country

US construction spending down 1.1 percent in January

Kerry agrees Russians are lying about Ukraine

U.S. government says 8.84 million people signed on for 2015 Obamacare plans

Nearly half of Greeks would back Syriza in new election - poll

Niger President replaces foreign minister ahead of 2016 poll

Mexico attorney general who handled student massacre probe to step down

Nearly half of Greeks would back Syriza in new election: poll

Greece will not seek another bailout, prime minister says

Venezuela sets deadline to US to slash embassy staff

UK government pledges more powers for Wales as devolution debate rumbles on

Redskins: Canceling trademark violates free-speech rights

Stolen statue, painting returned to Italian government in NY