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U.S. ATF had to ditch $600,000 worth of surveillance drones: watchdog

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BlackBerry posts fourth-quarter profit seeks to end revenue slide

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Cruz wants to scrap IRS, but that's easier said than done

Abolish the IRS? Easy to say, but awfully hard to do

Vanuatu: 'Aid for all in two weeks' pledge

Amazon blasts U.S. agency for slowness on drone regulation

Contentious koala cull in Australia

New police video shows Secret Service SUV nudge barrier

China's Huawei given clean bill of health by UK security board

U.S. House committee advances 'threat-sharing' cybersecurity bill

Delete, erase, shred: enemies of US federal record-keepers

North and South Korea in 'spy' row

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Homeland Security No. 2 accused of improper influence

Syrian military helicopter crashes, insurgents capture crew

Brazil federal police report massive tax fraud scheme

Watchdog says senior Homeland official broke no laws

China province says graft probes leaves 300 jobs empty

China executes three men convicted in mass stabbing at train station

Troika expects Greece to miss primary surplus target this year -Der Spiegel

Former Olympic swimming champ Park apologizes for doping ban

Iran insists on lifting all sanctions in any nuclear deal: IRNA

Official: Boko Haram abducts hundreds of Nigerian civilians