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George P. Bush running for Texas land commissioner

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NY state sen. arrested in alleged mayor race plot

Lawmakers rush to catch up on gay marriage

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Senate committee starting votes on curbing guns

Senate panel casts year's first votes on gun curbs

Arkansas GOP eyes Planned Parenthood funds next

Senate Dem: GOP request to Hagel extraordinary

In a switch, GOP governors back expanding Medicaid

Republicans ramp up minority outreach

Feud over budget for diplomatic security escalates

Congress sends bill to Obama averting govt default

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford done apologizing, ready to run

Ron Paul's GOP legacy growing in states like Iowa

Troops worry about defense, job cuts

Indon navy slams Abbott boat plan

Immigration splits GOP's national, House interests

Filibuster showdown may be averted, Sen. Reid says

Senators seek answers from Joint Chiefs chairman

Coleman: Rival's tax cut plan 'short-sighted'

GOP in key states tries to slow anti-abortion push

Liz Cheney: Time for 'new generation' in US Senate

Immigration backers plan push for reform

Senate clears hurdle for Labor secretary nominee

Senate approves Obama-pick McCarthy to head EPA

Top military leader outlines costs, risks on Syria

Flood insurance changes run into resistance

Immigration bill clears Senate test

National GOP slow to embrace Mass. moderate Gomez

Forest City Ratner gets $229M NY arena job

Southern states gird for new fight on voter laws

San Diego City Council asked to pay mayor's bills

NC becomes 1st state to drop federal jobless funds

First groups get invitations to inaugural parade

Still time to dodge the cliff, Obama, Boehner say

Embattled Rice bows out Kerry new frontrunner

'Cliff' crash may clear way for deal in January

House GOP puts off vote on 'Plan B'

NJ Gov. Christie blasts Boehner, Republicans

Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever

Sen. DeMint resigning to head conservative group

No one retreating cliff talks seem at standstill

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