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Germany Says Greece Risks Isolation as Merkel Shuns Tsipras

Germany says Greece risks isolation as Merkel shuns Tsipras

Under fire, Germany suspends minimum wage for transit truckers

Former German president Richard von Weizsaecker dies at 94

Anti-euro German AfD party aims to end leadership dispute

Germany's von Weizsaecker, president at unification, dies at 94

Weizsaecker, president who helped Germany face past

Turmoil at congress of Germany party swiping votes from Merkel

Italy's Renzi proposes judge as president, irking Berlusconi

Italy fails to elect president in first round of voting

Italy elects senior judge Sergio Mattarella as president

Greece’s Looming Clash in Europe Starts With Sanctions on Russia

Rebels press Ukraine offensive, Obama promises steps against...

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Merkel faces attacks over cost of election pledges

Pope leads pep rally at Vatican, meets with Merkel

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German Election: Live Report

Merkel, Social Democrats to launch coalition talks

Merkel, Greens to discuss potential coalition

After Angie, Uschi? - some Germans ponder life after Merkel

Germans reward Merkel for steady hand

Final distribution of seats in German Parliament

Merkel favored for 3rd term, faces tight outcome

Analysis: Europe, waiting for Germany, could be disappointed

Shhhhhh! German parties appeal to voters' aversion to noise

Merkel's fear: pollsters may get it wrong again

Challenger aims to outshine modest Merkel in TV clash

Schaeuble sees no shortcut for Greek austerity

Germany: man takes 3 hostages at city hall

Merkel party OKs new German govt, despite concerns

Cut working week for parents, says German minister

State loss a blow to Merkel, but far from decisive