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Proposal for organic-type labels for non-modified foods

US agency approves genetically engineered potatoes, apples

FDA approves genetically engineered potatoes, apples as safe

Online platform 'Open Humans' launches to share DNA, other data

Angelina Jolie has ovaries removed over cancer concern

Cancer experts laud Angelina Jolie's decision to remove ovaries

Science, patients driving rare disease drug research surge

UK's top court upholds disclosure of Prince Charles' letters

Critters found in Antarctic ice shows how tenacious life is

Supreme Court to rule on disclosure of Prince Charles letters

Farmers fund research to breed gluten-free wheat

2 exotic termites find love in US, worrying researchers

Angelina Jolie undergoes further preventive surgery

American, Russian leaving Earth for year at space station

2 exotic termites find love in Florida, worrying researchers

Ken Burns unravels the mysteries of cancer in PBS film

Drugmakers Focusing on Rare Disease Treatments

Angelina Jolie Reveals Preventative Surgery

Twin Astronaut to Break NASA Record in Study

What to pack for year in space? A 'superhero utility belt'

Feds: Many causes for dramatic bee disappearance

New genetic study hopes to cure anorexia

Loving parents can overcome risky genes

Cockroaches quickly lose sweet tooth to survive

Angelina Jolie says she had double mastectomy

Tanzania's albinos hope govt will offer more help

AP PHOTOS:Tanzania albinos hope for more govt help

US court says human genes cannot be patented

Disabled Gaza baby lives in Israel hospital

Gene Tests for Prostate Cancer

High court rules for Monsanto in patent case

Budget: cover uninsured, trim Medicare, tax cigs

Advice for black women on breast cancer gene risk

Catholic bishops condemn Irish abortion bill

Australia exports bird flu test kits to Asia

Farmers push for repeal of GM restrictive Act

Gene Flaws Common in Blacks With Breast Cancer

Jolie joins Pitt at 'World War Z' London premiere

Novavax rises as analyst sees China opportunity

Vertex rockets on positive cystic fibrosis results

'Kimberley Ark' gene bank to save species from toad plague

Extinct frog gets Lazarus treatment

At more colleges, classes on genetics get personal

High School Marathon Dancers Raise Almost $500k

Scientists say baby born with HIV apparently cured

NY high school raises $489K with marathon dance

Study: Asian carp DNA may not signal live fish

CO rejects labels for genetically engineered food

Inquiry into CSIRO 'bullying'

Gene screening may reveal mental illness

Distinctive song sets Lombok owl apart

Rivals prepare for legal battle over abortion bans

Report: Asian carp may have reached Great Lakes

Men's sex chromosome is doomed: scientist

GMO ban debate

APNewsBreak: No pups born to Isle Royale wolves

Hawaii Senate defers GMO food labeling bill

Review: 'Ice Cold Kill' is hot thriller

BioMarin will continue Pompe disease drug studies

PGA pushes for rollout of GM crops

NFL's Goodell hopes for lighter helmets, sensors

Ahead of the Bell: Sequenom slips after 4Q report

Rare plant found in Flinders Ranges

Pharmaxis takes a beating after US review

UK police accused of wrongly taking DNA of gay men

Blakey stars at Oly youth event

Fishers catch suspected rare ray in Port River

Slovenia to liquidate two small banks as bailout looms

Patel surgery 'ensured cancer-free future'

Genetic defects in Angus calves

Nigeria's stolen oil is sold and laundered abroad: report

Perth giraffe's drive to NSW turns heads

Lab mice breakthrough offers Alzheimer's hope