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Opel to build new SUV, invest 500 million euros in engine production

U.S. senators raise possibility of sixth death linked to Takata air bags

BMW says its Takata inflator work moving from Mexico to Germany

Arizona sues General Motors over delayed recalls

U.S. lawmakers plan bill to encourage auto employees to report faulty parts

Anti-North Korean protesters send anti-Pyongyang leaflets to North Korea

Seven big U.S. companies paid CEOs more than Uncle Sam in 2013: study

Obama nominates NTSB's Mark Rosekind to lead auto safety regulator

As China's luxury car wave ebbs, foreign firms seek domestic foothold

Takata offers "sincerest condolences" to victims of malfunctioning airbag

VW Plans to Spend $106 Billion Chasing Toyota for Sales Lead

Bankruptcy judge in GM case to retire, remain on recall status

Arizona is first U.S. state to sue GM over delayed recalls

Cadillac boss envisions $250,000 flagship car - in 2029

With iceman on the way, U.S. plants and suppliers get ready

Obama picks NTSB member as new auto safety chief

Ford keeps pushing for lighter cars despite oil price fall

GM compensation expert extends claims deadline

GM to build Opel SUV and invest 500 million euros in European engines

GM to build Opel SUV and invest 500 mln euros in European engines

Chevrolet supports grassland preservation program

Volkswagen China growth slows to 10 percent due to capacity limits

European car sales recovery vulnerable to slowing economy

Volkswagen China growth slows to 10 pct due to capacity limits

In new recovery sign, EU car sales surge

Canadians snap up U.S. commercial real estate at record pace

Luxury cars in pole position at LA auto show