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Republicans push abortion bill through US House

Abortion debate roils U.S. House on Roe v. Wade anniversary

Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to 'paralyse' Dutch government

Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to 'paralyze' Dutch government

Dropkick Murphys angry as Republican governor uses song

Republican presidential hopefuls kick off debate

Romney senior advisers meet in Boston to discuss 2016: source

US Congress slams deadly attacks in France

House tea partyers face new resistance from GOP pragmatists

Weekend tests fealty, viability of Republican 2016 hopefuls

Journalist linked to Anonymous gets five years' prison

GOP pushes abortion bill through House on March for Life Day

Preservationists fight to save Haiti's gingerbread homes

Greek vote shows growing European backlash against austerity

Report: Afghanistan Media Under Attack

Attacks on journalists threaten media freedom in Afghanistan

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about sex-orientation bill

Potential Republican presidential candidates compete for support in Iowa

Push for gay protections in Idaho stirs emotional debate

Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush meet privately in Utah

France tackles inequalities, extremism after attacks

'March: Book Two' shows all sides of civil rights movement

GOP presses state bills limiting gay rights before ruling

Jindal headlines all-day prayer rally in Baton Rouge

Koch event drawing 2016 hopefuls Rubio, Paul, Cruz, Walker

Report gives mostly high marks for attorney general nominee

U.N. agency says runs out of money to repair Gaza war-damaged homes

Republican White House maybes court evangelicals toward 2016

Senior U.S. diplomat ruffles Cuba by meeting dissidents

Mormon leaders call for measures protecting gay rights

Some Republican presidential hopefuls court evangelicals

Obama ends day of Indian pageantry with $4 billion pledge

After terror attacks, the show must go on for Paris fashion

Hollywood's indie film pool prepares for the Amazon plunge

South African Politician Malema Blames ANC for Power Crisis

In Mosul, Islamic State turns captured city into fortress

Special Report: Mexico looks the other way as contractors fleece oil giant...

Police, politicians push surveillance post-Boston

Guatemala cracks down on anti-mine protests

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Complaint accuses Exxon Mobil of anti-gay bias

Kerry: US, allies ready to step up aid to rebels

Tornado took town's youngest as it swept through

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

White House: US respects Iran election results

Debate over social issues emerges

Same-sex couples welcome Del. gay marriage law

Holder says he played no role in AP phone subpoena

Prince Harry salutes war dead at Arlington

Prominent youth activist detained in Egypt

Speaker given secret by-election advice