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Mass grave found in eastern Syria

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Iraq increasingly drawn into Syrian battlefield

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G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion

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Syria opposition says final decision on peace talks mid-December

US talking to Syria's Islamist rebels

Disarray for moderate Syrian rebels a 'big problem': US

Moderate Syrian rebels vow to protect journalists

US set to expand nonlethal aid to Syrian rebels

US doubles aid to Syrian rebels, who want more

Ukrainian journalist returns from Syrian captivity

A diplomatic natural, Kerry hits ground running

AP sources: US weighs direct aid to Syrian rebels

Syria opposition to set up interim government

Gunmen seize Iraq-Syria border crossing

Iraqis, Saudis call shots in Raqa, ISIL's Syrian 'capital'

Syria air raids kill 16 in area seized by jihadists

After Assad's election triumph, fear grips stay-at-home Syrians

Syrian president declares amnesty for prisoners

Syrian opposition calls for arms against Assad's air force

Syria calls June 3 presidential election

US finalizing plan to boost support for Syrian rebels

Arab summit lays bare serious cracks on Syria

Syria's 'moderate' rebels say they need weapons, not training

Hillary Clinton faults Obama 'stupid stuff' foreign policy

Insight - Islamic State turns radical Islam on Syria Muslims

Iraq and Syria pose Saudi dilemma - failed states or Iran proxies

Turkey allows 1300 Free Syria fighters to join battle for Kobane

John Cantlie's father pleads for Islamic State to release his son

Kurds deny Erdogan report of deal with Syrian rebels to aid besieged Kobani

Syria rebels cross from Turkey to join Kobane battle

Leader of Syria Qaeda wing threatens strikes against Hezbollah in Lebanon

Turkey warns of threat to Aleppo from Assad, fears new refugee influx

Syria considering UN truce proposal in Aleppo

Turkey says Kurdish peshmerga fighters yet to cross to Syria

Peshmerga fighters enter Syrian border

Only Syrian opposition and peshmerga can save Kobani - Turkish PM

Iraqi peshmerga fighters head for Syria to fight Islamic State

Syria govt 'interested' in Aleppo freeze plan: UN envoy

Biden visits Turkey pushing for help in anti-IS campaign

INSIDE KOBANI: War clinic treats anti-IS fighters

INSIDE KOBANI: Kurds doggedly defend town from IS

Rebels push forward in southern Syria

U.S. training of Syrian rebels still months away: coalition chief

Four years on, something of an Arab Winter

AP EXCLUSIVE: Kurds Doggedly Defend Kobani

Twin car bombs near Damascus kill 34