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The endless fight in Syria

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Australia blacklists terror group in Syria

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Syrian rebels capture country's largest dam

Officials: Arms shipments rise to Syrian rebels

Desperate, some fleeing Syria turn to prostitution

Abduction illustrates UN vulnerability in Syria

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Promises and challenges: The road ahead for Tony Abbott's Government

Syria weapons deal averts US military move for now

Syrian rebels fight Assad forces in key Idlib town

Conflict, an alleged chemical attack, and fallout

Syria evacuates most army buildings in Damascus: residents

Russia: Syrian rebels made, used sarin nerve gas

Syrian prison shelled, part of Aleppo battle

World powers to meet on Syrian rebel demands

Syrian rebels say they've new, effective weapons

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Damascus regime adamant Syrians alone will decide future

As civilians allowed to flee besieged Syrian town, refugees face hurdles

Journalists in Syria face growing risk of kidnap

Syria warplanes 'strike near Damascus to halt rebel push'

Rights group accuses Syrian rebels of war crimes

Syrian jets bomb Palestinian camp in Damascus

Russia positions itself for fall of Syrian regime

Syrian rebels make more gains in north

Syrian rebels step up attacks on strategic sites

Twin car bombs near Damascus kill 34

Syria truce collapse shows limits of diplomacy

Syria commits to 4-day truce, but prospects dim

AP Exclusive: Syria defectors live in secret camp

Turkey accuses Syria of 'state terrorism'

Syrian countryside gives vital support to rebels

Syria regime, opponents dig in ahead of talks

Hezbollah says top leader killed, blames Israel

US: American fighters in Syria a security risk

Hagel: US continues support of Syrian moderates

Syria regime closes in on strategic rebel-held town

Syrian rebel leader Idriss in Turkey, denies fleeing

Islamists forge Syria's biggest rebel alliance

Jihadists cut down 150-year-old oak in Syria

Service held for husband and wife thought to have died in Syria

Republicans call for broader air campaign in Iraq, Syria

US to send 6 Guantanamo detainees to Uruguay: official